Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rest in Peace Grandpa!

5:55 PM 9 Comments
I would just like to make a quick post to thank everybody who had prayed for my grandfather. It may be hard for everybody but I still thank God for His ways. I believe that it is better to die due to sickness than to have a sudden death. I know He is with our Father right now for I believe that he already received Jesus and forgiveness took place before he expired.

I had so many great memories with my grandfather and I believe that having those days with him is a blessing. I could say that I am lucky because I was able to spend time with him while he was still strong. He is also the only grandparent whom I have seen and had memories because my other grandparents died when I was still young. Moreover, he is not just the father of my mom but he is also a good friend of my dad.

I just wish I had the chance to take care of him while he was still in the hospital. I wish we can go home to the Philippines so we could say goodbye to him. I wish he knew that I love him.

May you rest in peace lolo...I know you could hear what's inside my heart.