Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thinking About What I'm Thinking

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I know I have to leave and study my Anatomy notes. It's exactly 1:20pm in my watch and I have a quiz at 5:45pm but here I am in the computer laboratory, blog hopping. I don't usually blog hop during my vacant time. I've been actually stucked with facebook most of the days but this time, I don't know, I'm just hungry to read about Him. I'm hungry to hear how God is working on other people's lives.

and here's the latest about me...

I have a professor in my present school who is brilliant and knows a lot of stuffs. He actually calls Americans as dumb and ignorant because they don't know much. He said they are not getting the right information because they don't read as much as he does and they don't access to the world of knowledge. The way he talks about "getting informed" and "being knowledgeable" is really contagious. His passion of knowing things inspires me to feed myself with the informations that he is sharing. However, one day he said that the Bible is just a book. It's a book, just like any other books, that was written by ordinary people. "Why would I believe and follow some book written by ordinary people?", he said. He continued to say, "I am a Spiritual person. I can be good without following the Bible. Don't get me wrong, I was an assistant pastor in my church before; but when I came to read about the history, I found out that the Bible was just written by whoever was in power during their times." I stopped listening and started praying.

The following week, it actually happened last week so I should say yesterday, we had a class and before we ended the session he told us to think why we are thinking what we are thinking.

Why do I believe in Him? Why do I believe and love my Bible so much? Why I value His word so much? Why will I believe that the Bible was God's words and not just from ordinary people?

I am really not sure if I can defend my stand with the right words but here you go. In my case, I've been taught about His love ever since I was still young. I know His stories but I never really had a relationship with Him until He did something in my life. I used to be lazy going to mass, the Bible doesn't interest me, I used to think that reading the Bible is just for the mass, I thought that I don't need to do so much effort to be closer to Him just as long as I stay good and praying used to make me fall asleep. But there's one prayer that I always say and I wasn't expecting that God would listen to that short prayer.

I prayed, "God, I want to be closer to You. Please do something that can make me love You. I don't want to be active today and then the next day be lazy again. I want You to do something that will make me love You no matter what happens."

He answered my prayer. He did something and there was a change of heart. I don't know, it's just that I can't stop talking about Him. I can't stop showing that I love Him. He made me interested to read the Bible. He answers me through the Bible. The Bible gives me the exact words that I need. He comforts me through it. He guides me and help me decide through His words. He even scolds me through the Bible. He tells me what my heart really contains that my mind is trying to deny. It's just too much of a coincidence to say that the Bible is not from God. He speaks through the Bible.

I guess the only answer I can give my professor is that, I wasn't just thinking. I can see, feel and hear Him speak through the Bible. It's not just a book. It's my Father's words for me.

It's now 2:30pm, got to review for my quiz. ^_^

Please Pray for the Philippines

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Please keep the Filipinos in your prayers because there's another storm coming in our country. It's not yet over. ='(

reposted from facebook:

Please help flood victims in the Philippines, donations (medical supplies,used clothes, blankets, etc.) accepted at Bayanihan Community Center 40-21 69th St. Woodside, NY. Contact 718-565-8862. In New Jersey contact Nick at 917-476-785...5.. and for the rest.. please keep the Filipinos in your prayers as they struggle against this devastating calamity that hit our country.

STATE OF CALAMITY...To all friends/family who live in Canada and US who wish to help in the rescue and relief operations, you may donate through the American Red Cross. Call 1-800-435-7669 Specify Philippines relief operations.

You can also donate to to help Ondoy victims. Please put "Philippine relief fund" or "typhoon Ondoy" to expidite the funds to help the victims of Ondoy.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Search Me, Oh God

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I'm preparing myself for my 2nd Life in the Spirit Seminar here in NY. The expected participants for the seminar were given a shepherd to help us evaluate and prepare ourselves for it. Last Tuesday, I met my shepherd for the first time and she asked me a question that I was expecting to be asked. She asked me if I still have any issues in my heart that may hinder the work of the Spirit. I immediately said, aside from my worries about my visa, I don't think I have any. I sound so hypocrite but honestly that's what I thought because I had already confessed and forgiven myself and the people from my past. Now, I am ashamed of myself. I answered without even evaluating my heart. Whatever reason I may give as an excuse, I know I was wrong. I should have just kept my mouth shut and reflect with the question. Note to self, some questions doesn't need to be answered right away. ^_^

I have read that to keep plants looking fresh, you have to wipe them off regularly because the dusts that are accumulating on the leaves can actually prevent the light from getting to them. No matter how tiny the particles are, if we just take them for granted, it will pile up and can become a thick layer. It's just like our "little" sins.

Resentments, sharp words, impure thoughts, or selfish attitudes, all take their toll on our spiritual vitality. These things can become a thick layer that can keep the light of God from entering our hearts. If the accumulation of unconfessed sin has gathered on your soul, do as David did—confess it to the Lord. (Psalm 32:5)

I praise God for His constant reminder that I have to persevere everyday to keep my heart clean.

Search Me, Oh God
Steve Green

Search me, oh God
Reveal my heart
Expose my sin that it may be confessed
Search me, oh God
Unveil each thought
And leave no hidden motive unaddressed
Uncover every action born in pride
Show me the worldly ways I still embrace
May every anxious thought be brought to light
And each unspoken fear with faith replaced

Search me, oh God
Observe my life
Bring to my mind each idle word I speak
Search me, oh God
Test my resolve
And alert me where you find it weak

Reveal all weakened walls within my soul
Show me potential dangers unforeseen
Then clothe my conscience with your holiness
Help me guard it well and keep it clean

Search me, oh God
That I may walk in peace
Filled with the joy of knowing all is well
My heart surrendered and my conscience clean
So great a joy my tongue can scarcely tell
Oh what a joy to know that all is well

Confession of sin lets the light of God's
forgiveness shine through.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm in Awe of YOU

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my scribbles during my class

Oh Lord My God,
Your love gives me peace whenever I am in troubled.
Your presence comforts me whenever I feel alone.
Your promises gives me strength whenever I am weak.
Your Son's example humbles me whenever I achieve something.
Your greatness pulls me closer whenever I go astray.
Your strong arms carries me whenever I get tired.
Your words gives me courage whenever I feel like giving up.
Your creations inspires me to move on whenever I fail.
Thank You God. Thank You Jesus.

Life is beautiful because You came.
Life is great, it will never be the same.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Love Letter

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Dearest My First Love,

I haven't written You a letter nor have I written something about You for a very long time, and because of that I know You miss me. I know You miss me because I know how much You love me. You love me too much that there are times I just felt like I know You'd understand. We've talked, I talked a lot lately. I've been telling You my problems, my worries, my pains, my confusion, my excitement, my my my. I didn't stop talking and I had failed to listen. I had also taken for granted our relationship. I had stopped talking about us and I know that You had waited for me. I am sorry dear God.

I miss You so much Lord and I am sorry that the things that I am facing right now had led my attention to other things. I love You Lord. I love You so much and thank You for being my Greatest Savior. Thank You for calling my attention and for letting me have this moment to be with You again. I miss the days when the instrumental music was playing and then I would close my eyes and You'll just comfort me and give me peace. I miss those days Lord but at the same time I am also thankful that You had trusted me to be out in the world again. Thank You for letting me meet new people and for allowing me to finish my studies. I am sorry if I got overwhelmed. Please keep me grounded and hold me tighter. I don't want to be away from You.

Jesus, thank You for reminding me that You should be my First and that You'll bless the broken road and You will lead me to where I should be. Guide me Jesus. Take my hand and pull me if I need it.

My God, there are no words that I could ever use that can help me express how thankful I am that You came into my life. Without You Lord, I know I couldn't make it this far. Lord, thank You for taking care of me and for sending angels who had brought Your message. I love You Lord! I love You so much.

My First Love, My Savior, My Comforter, My Protector, My Strength and My One True Love...My God, I love YOU and I miss YOU big time! Thank You for this day.