Saturday, April 10, 2010

Truth spoken in love is hard to refuse.

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Sometimes I think it's strange that I can hear discussions about faith especially when I don't have the intention of listening and when I am also busy doing something else. Strange because my ears seems to act like a vacuum, a magnet of faith talks. I can hear people talking, it's not clear but then all of a sudden certain topics can activate my super hearing ability; I can hear them clearly.

Today, I overheard a guy in my class talking to somebody mentioned "Good Friday" while I was also busy talking to my friend. Then words became unclear until he said. "I don't actually believe in God but I'm a Mexican. *unclear* religion in my country."

Funny. Events like that makes me giggle because I feel like God is adjusting my hearing capability to hear certain things and maybe do something, pray or reflect about it.

Most of us have inherited beliefs and "faith". We follow what our parents do or say that we should do for God until there will be a time in our life that doing such things become meaningless. We eventually get tired of doing something because of our inherited faith. People get tired of doing something for God because they haven't met Him in their lives.

Faith should never be foisted to other people. If you want people to see Jesus, talk to them with love, let them see Jesus in you, make them wonder and be curious why you love Him so much, share stories about Him like how you share stories about your boyfriends/girlfriends that can make your friends eager to meet him/her. Never argue when you defend your faith, be patient. Paul said to Timothy, "a servant of the Lord must not quarrel but be gentle to all".(2 Timothy 2:24)

Truth without love is dogma that does not touch the heart. Love without truth is sentimentalism that does not challenge the will. When truth is spoken with love, God's Spirit can use it to change another's mind. Share the word with passion and love. Be patient and willing to be used by God, to be His extraordinary helpers. Pray for them.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

To Speak or Not To Speak

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Lord, give me the grace and strength
To keep my lips close and sealed
To hold my tongue and ease my mind
When my pride gets wounded and minced

Is it futile to argue?
Will it change things anew?
If I speak up and defend
or ask what I can't comprehend?

Breathe on me, Holy Ghost
Help me discern, give me a boost
To remain silent and still
So I could understand what I feel

Do I truly know what is right?
Or is it just my superego that's in sight?
Let Your Spirit lead me where to go
It's the only solution I know