Monday, November 28, 2016

New Chapter, New Blog

12:05 PM 1 Comments

I'm not saying goodbye to this blog but I would like to share a new blog that I have been working on.

Kusina ni Misis is a blog that my husband and I thought of making. Kusina/Cocina is kitchen in english. 

We just recently moved in a new apartment and my personal space has been the kitchen. I've been cooking everyday for my husband and I thought why not make a blog about it.

However, as I was making it, I've realized that kitchen is not only a place where I cook. It is actually my own cave, my own space where I can think and be by myself. I've also posted some posts about our wedding. It's been over 6 months since we got married. We've just gotten the time to actually look at the pictures, videos and to let the experience of having a real church wedding sink in.

Getting married in the church is my only dream in terms of a wedding. I didn't have any picture of what kind of wedding I wanted to have, as long as it is in the church, I'm good.

I hope you will also visit my other blog and I am also looking forward to start writing again about my personal journey as a Christian still on this blog.