Friday, December 19, 2008

On God's Throne

Have you ever tried to imagine how is it like to be on God's throne? What if God will give you a chance to be in control of everything? Okay not everything, just your life and let's say just for an hour. What if you can have the chance to miraculously do the things that you want in your life for that hour?

I have tried to do that myself and yes I had started to plan a lot of things. I planned not only for myself and my family but also for the people whom I can help. As I continued to manipulate our lives I realized that I could alter a lot of people's future even by just changing a number of someone's present. I continued to plan and watched carefully every detail so I won't mess up things. I gave up and laughed at myself but I stayed beside God for a while to watch how He does things.

While I was watching Him, I couldn't help not to be amaze by how He does things and yes I got some headache. No not some, my head really hurts bad! Why? Imagine how many people are there in the world, how many people are praying and asking for His help and how many people does He needs to constantly send instruments to return to Him. In addition, people are also connected with each other that by just changing one, two or more lives will also be changed.

I got dizzy by just thinking about how God does things, and yes I still don't know how He does it, but by just trying to figure things out I had understood why God kept on reminding us to be patient and wait for things to be done in His time. Surely God can do whatever we want to be done in our lives but I am sure God doesn't want to mess up others as well. Remember, "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven" Ecclesiastes 3:1



Anonymous said...

^-^ A good thing, then, the good Lord has angels to help him. Or else he would have had a head ache too. I believe I have an angel just for my self to look over me. I have not given it any name yet. It is mostly kind. And it will not count. But I think I like him. He educates me and sees to it I get humiliated and put in place.

Anonymous said...

Amen Paige, God does things in our life when He is ready. During this time we are to increase our faith in Him. We learn patience and trust. We learn that God is in control of everything within our lives. While we wait on Him we are to love others. Help those in need. We are to walk as Christ walked when He was on this earth. Beautiful writing my sweet friend! Love you!

WHITEShadow said...

God does things in a way beyond our comprehension. We sometimes don't understand why things happened to our lives but to be faithful to Him and put out trust on Him means that we let Him move our lives in His hands. I believe He is ready all the time and always have time for us, it's just that there are things that we need to suppress so we can be more prepared for it, it may be our pride or whatever personal impulses we have, we have to be worthy first to qualify ourselves for such blessings.

Anyways, I thought I wanna stop by to say Merry Christmas. Keep warm and safe.