Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's a Love Story

Last night, we celebrated the 21st church wedding anniversary (they were married twice) of my mom and dad. It was a simple celebration. My dad and I just bought roses for my mom and then we prepared a special dinner.

I am really glad and thankful that my parents are still together and that they are still in love with each other.

My dad treats my mom like a queen. He prepares her clothes for work, our breakfast, her lunch pack, do the groceries, do the laundry and a lot more. My mom goes to work by 5am and so my dad does everything to make things convenient for her; and when mom comes home, dad always make sure that dinner is already ready.

I really appreciate and admire them on how they manage to adjust their lifestyle when we came here in New York. They seem to exchange roles.

My dad was an official in the Philippine Army and he goes home only once in every two weeks or month because of his job back then, that's why most of the time we were left with mom alone. She was really hands-on in terms of taking care of us, teaching us and molding our character even though we always have a helper at home.

I can still remember whenever my dad comes homes, mom would always prepare something special. She will clean the house, buy something to make it more pleasing, and she will always cook my dad's favorite meals.

They are definitely destined by God. Their love story is really amazing. It can make a good movie. But I will write about it next time..

Happy 21st Anniversary mommy and daddy!

We love you so much.

from kuya Philip, Ate Joy and Jay

<--not a good picture..they were about to sleep that time...I forgot to take a pic


Bammy said...

send my greetings to your mom and dad! :) Blessings to you and your family ^_^

penlighted said...

Thank you Bam..I really miss you already.

Regards to your fam too.

Bless you more Bambini!

Anonymous said...

God has truly blessed your parents! Wow give them a big anniversary hug from me! Give yourself one as well my friend as I love you so much! God is indeed truly good and amazing!!! I love you!!