Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When My Cross Becomes Too Heavy to Carry

"God will not give you a cross that you can't carry."

Since I was young my mom would always remind me about that saying and that actually motivates me to face trials and trust God. I believe that He loves me so much and that He will not give me anything that I could not handle.

But recently as I was talking to a friend about problems in life, I wondered why is it that some people thinks that God is giving them too much.

These are some of the things that I had reflected...Take time to ponder about it. This may be the reasons why your cross becomes too heavy to carry.

We live as if we are in a maze where in Jesus is the one guiding us on our way out. It means we should follow Him no matter what happens. Along the way of our journey with Jesus, He stops by and help other people as well and of course we should also help the people we see in our way. In addition to the setting, yes, we are carrying a cross. The cross symbolizes our willingness to survive the journey just like how we carry foods and drinks when we hike.

And then you ask, "So why is my cross heavy and it seems like I can't find my way out?"

I believe that the following can be the reason:

1. The people that we helped during our journey (familiar with winning souls for Jesus? That's it!) are the ones that will also help us carry the cross. The reason why your cross seems to be heavy than other's is that you failed to help others. Remember that we should win souls, help other people, pray for others and share the kindness of God. In the simplest term-two heads are better than one.

2. You've become so anxious to go out of the maze and you started to think that following Jesus will take some time because following Him means stopping by and helping others. So you decided to take the opposite way and carried the cross alone. The result? You are starting to feel that your cross is heavy and that you had taken the longer trip.

3. Jesus is teaching you and giving you advices on how to carry your cross properly but you failed to listen because you believe that following Him will be enough. My friend, following Jesus means you should also completely trust Him. God wants you to be saved that's why He sent His Son, now stop having doubts and just listen!

4. God is good and He is definitely not like your boss although He is in the position to be bossy. When you are tired of taking the journey and carrying your cross, just simply say it. Don't be shy and just humble your selves to ask for a rest. God will listen and He sure will grant you that rest when you completely trust that He can do that for you. After all, God wants you to enjoy the journey. It may be rough in the beginning but the only key is TRUST for you to enjoy being a follower of Christ.

5. My friend, don't be shy to go back to the way of Jesus. Even if you parted in the past, Jesus will still be waiting for you to follow Him. Humble your self and go back to the right track. You know that His way is the only way, so stop being stubborn!
I know some of you will not agree about this but this actually helped me carry my cross.


Anonymous said...

My friend I agree with you. God uses us in many different ways and when we make it through our storms of life we are a living testimony for others. Keep strong in your faith. Keep doing the will of God in your life. Great will be your reward in Heaven my friend.

Anonymous said...

well hello. oh great. you're blogging too. i have been into this shit since high school. :-)how are u babe?

rehesa said...

Great post.
It's inspiring me

Caitlyn said...

You inspire me SO much. thank you. :) <3 xoxo