Wednesday, August 20, 2008

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English: The Unofficial Language of America

I wasn't able to enroll in college for the fall term because I didn't know I needed to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) first. So I have to wait for the spring term because my schedule for the TOEFL exam is September.

I was taught english even when I was still in kindergarten. We use english as a medium of instruction in the Philippines. In addition, according to the 1987 Constitution, Filipino and English are both the official languages of the Philippines.

Can somebody please tell me what makes english as a foreign language in a country? please..please..please..

I wasn't really confuse until I saw the constitution.


The odd thing is that the United States of America has no official language.

oh whatever! Wish me luck for my exam. I have to finish my college soon!

I didn't talk much about the title, did I? lol I know! So don't blab about it..I did it on purpose..But really...english is like unofficial.

Is it maybe because America is like the country of mixed people? It is super mixed that it's like United Nations!

United States of America is now being changed to United Nations.
United Nations the country, not the organization.


btw I already finished my 3rd year in college in the Philippines. So I guess you know how hard it is for me to stop. I love studying. I love my course.


Mekhismom said...

I *think* that if English is not your First language then you have to take the TOEFL. I could be wrong but that is my best guess. Sorry to hear that school is delayed good luck with the exam.

NoTy But Nice Zhoe said...

hii.. dropping by :)

Zen Ventures said...

Oddly enough, our languages doesn't really have a unique origin to it because it's a muble jumble of languages and dialect all put into one to forma another set of languages. Look at our own Tagalog, it is a combination of malaysian, indionesian and spanish and bit of here and there! Kulit noh! This is so like my post about English- you can check it out and see what I mean. :)

Joe Arena said...

Do they make everyone who is not from the US or UK take the test? Besides, if your University is private they can pretty much ask for whatever they want in order to admit you. Watch out for the four minute mile athleticism test or FMMAT. Ha just playing. Hey look on the bright side, not many people just get to take a semester off. Take advantage!

Pointless Endeavor said...

Yeah that is very interesting and very true... but exactly.. the United States is a melting pot! Just look at TX, NYC, and specially CA and AZ.. nobody can beat that..