Thursday, August 21, 2008

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Time Travel

When I was a kid my dad told me that there is really a time machine. He said that it is in a very secret place because the government doesn't want it to be used. He added that when somebody will be caught using it, the police will get them. I know my dad was just making a story to stop my imagination about time travel. And yes, as a kid I was really afraid of the police. They use it to scare me whenever I act like a brat.

But that story didn't stop me to imagine and wonder what if I can travel. When I was kid, I often dream about going to the future. In the future, I will be able to see how and what I've become and then I will go back and tell myself about what to do in the present so that my future will happen or not if it's not what I want. In the contrary, I guess the thought of time travel when I was young was just about the adventure I could get out of it.

When I started my teenage years, the thought of travelling through time changed. During those years, I desperately wanted to turn back the time to change my mistakes. I thought about the decisions I made, actions I've done and words that I had spoken.

For example; during a math quiz bee when I failed to win the first prize because I didn't follow my intuition of how to solve the tie-breaking problem; for eagerly answering the question of my teacher but then my answer was wrong, for helping my pregnant teacher with her heavy stuffs that caused me to fall in a canal and be seen by my schoolmates and my crush, when I failed to be a part of the Top 10 in class because my attention was already focused to my boyfriend (I started young..I know! But I thought I was mature); and the list goes on.

I wished to change those things. I thought I could have a better life if those things didn't happen.
But I was wrong.

When I was still 17, I thought about going to the past and changing it but then as I was imagining I've noticed that each event in my life in the past has something to do to my present or other people's present.

The things that occurred in my past molded my present. The things that I have done in the past which I once regret did something to somebody's life.

I failed the math quiz bee before but somebody won and celebrated. I gave a wrong answer to my teacher but somebody was given the chance to answer it and received a point. I fell in the canal for helping my pregnant teacher but if I didn't do it and fell for her maybe she'll be the one who will fell and have a miscarriage. I failed to be in the top 10 but somebody else made it. I had a boyfriend very young but I learned something about responsibility and knowing your limitations.

As of these days when I start to imagine about time travel, I only get tired. I can't do anything about my past and I don't want to know my future because knowing it might cause me to alter it in my attempt to live "normally" knowing what will happen next.

The best thing to do is to live life in a good way so that your future will be good. Stop acting stupid, stop doing that things that you know is dangerous and value time. Time is a precious gift and our freedom to choose what we want to do in our life is our responsibility.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for the post! When I was younger I often thought about a time machine and using it to erase some mistakes that I have done. But now as I'm 18, I don't really care for that any more !:) I just try to live my life as it is, .. starting everything small but thinking big. And what ever comes in my way, I will be over it.
Thanks again for posting this, it really made me think.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

wow... timE traveL..

IF I am a super hero, this would be the skill that i would want...

imagine going back and forth in time,

You can actually have the world in the palm of your hand.

You can go get some tips, knowledge in the future, and make it your own..ehehehE

you'll be perceive as a genius, well in fact you stole it from the future... lol

anyway, nice blog...

looking forward to more info and more interesting stuffs..

take care

Ann said...

Very well written blog. It seems that we have a few things in common, my dad used to use cops to scare me all the time when I was a kid, and my personality is pretty similar with yours. It's great to see that you have a very mature outlook on things. Also, good luck on the TOEFL, I took mine ages ago, you'll do just fine!

Anonymous said...

Very nice story shared here. Good lessons learned and shared too. Very inspirational too.

Mekhismom said...

What an insightful post. You are very knowledgeable.