Monday, August 25, 2008

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Fight and Ran Online

My brother used to play Runescape- a game of fighting, developing the skills and upgrading the looks of your character and earning golds. But I don't like the game because the graphics is bad, so I introduced a game to him which is better than Runescape but the concept is very much the same.

It is called Ran Online or click here for the USA server. The game is about a clandestine organization known only as the Sacred Financial Group ascended to power, shrouded in myth and mystery, brimming with untold wealth and influence. The Group would found four schools, each one unique in its own way: Sacred Gate, Mystic Peak, Phoenix, and Leonair Campus.

The schools will train the students to become warriors with skills specializing as The Brawler, The Swordsman, The Shaman and The Archer.

The game is like a combination of Runescape and Sims. Download the game! It is really fun!


Different Types of Warriors


JelO said...

Pretty interesting.. I'll check it out...

Usman Sharif Micky said...

sounds awesome! and the graphics look amazing as well