Sunday, August 24, 2008

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The Greatest Destroyer

The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion because if a mother can kill her own child,

what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me? There is nothing between.

-Mother Teresa

I had a patient before in the OB ward who had an induced abortion. At the time she was assigned to me, I was instructed to have her in a Complete Bed Rest without Bathroom Privilege. This is because her uterus was still contracting. We were doing our best to save her baby.

The patient told me that she had taken medicines by mouth and per vagina that causes the contraction. She also had an abdominal massage. Those procedures were not successful. So she went to an abortionist and a medicine was injected to her abdomen. The medicine was still meant to make her uterus to contract and expel the fetus. After she was injected with it, her vagina was retracted and was kept open to add stimulus. Then she was sent home. The abortion was still not successful.

At home she tried to do some strenuous work such as scrubbing the floor, carrying her 2 year old daughter and climb the stairs and fell on purpose. Then she had a massive bleeding and she was sent to the hospital.

She was checked. The healthy baby was still there but her uterus continued to contract. So we did our best to save them. My patient, who was a single mother at the age of 20, didn't inform the doctors about the things she had done just to abort the baby.

She told me everything because she thought that I am still a student, a teenager who understands her wrong deeds. But she's wrong because I know I have to tell the team.

The medical team did their best to help her and the baby but I guess the baby had already given up because the mother wasn't doing anything to help save her child. She went to the hospital because she knew she could die due to blood loss but not because her child was in danger.

The baby fought so hard but in the end the abortion was still successful.

I know the issue about abortion is very sensitive. It is something that is so hard to fight for. Some countries such as America for example, is legalizing it. It is like a solution presented for teenage pregnancies and unwanted pregnancies.

I am not against to those who have done it nor judging them that they are bad. It's just so sad that the world seems like to be very open to any solution that is available for them to do to solve their problem.

I am just afraid that because people are becoming very open minded, time will come that they will also agree to massive killing to solve the problem of over population. I am sure a conflict about who shall die will arise after that!

In the other hand, abortion is sometimes done with an acceptable reason. Say for example when the mother is having a dangerous pregnancy, the mother should undergo an operation or the fetus has a serious deformity. But I know you know what I mean and I know you know when to say no to abortion.


JelO said...

Hmm very tricky indeed, but I am totally against abortion myself.. whether whatever reason the child was conceived. There are a lot of options and that shouldn't involve killing an innocent living. Whether people like to believe it or not, once it is developed in the womb, it is considered LIFE in itself... and taking that life away is just plain wrong. Besides, on the view of mass killing and people being very open-minded- they already are.. and these horrendous things are already happening around us... It is just a matter of choice in us what we believe and which side we're on...

cyrell said...

hello ungas...
sa wakas nhnp ko din blog mo..

i agree pod to wat u had written...
kontra abortion pod ko....may it be inevitable or not basta uq makakita ng taong nagpapa abort...may i share aq, 2 tyms n nangyari skin na naka handle aq sa d.r ng abortion, ung isa is 8 months, grabeh ang laki na niyang bata super..sayang mxdo kc cord coil kc un tas ung isa is 5 months inevitable abortion un, as in paglabas ng bata umiyak pa talaga tas grbe un kc me at c leslie lng ang nsa room kc busy maxado lht, as in humihinga pa jud xa tas mga 45 mins after nmty xa... ginawa ko is binaptized ko xa tas pinangalanan kong cyrell...hehehe...ganun man daw kc un...super nakakaawa ung mga batang na aabort because of some reason..mao ng ikw ngas never do it jud...hehehe... mag abstinenz k nlng...hehehe...joke lng....

anyways hapi aq kc nadalaw ko na tong sitr mo...dont wori pag mg net ko ill visit more often ur blogs dan ur fs...hehe,..
cge ngas xoxo...mwah...
tke cre ka jan...
God bless and wabsyu...!

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