Sunday, August 3, 2008

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My Mom, My Bestfriend

No she's not my sister. She's my mother.

A lot of times people had mistaken us as sisters, maybe it's because she looks young and I look old or maybe people can see how close our spirit is.

I am very thankful that my parents had become the perfect model for me as I was growing up. I am very blessed to have a close relationship with them. But my mother took care of me most of my childhood days because my dad is a soldier. And eventhough she got her own problems, like missing and worrying about my dad, I am proud to say that there is no day that she stopped being a mother.

As a kid, I admit that there were times when I thought that she is my enemy. Those were the days when I thought that friends are the one who agrees with you all the time. But now I understand why she says no and what are my responsibilities when she will say yes.

She taught me a lot and mold me to become who I am today. The rules, my freedom, her words, her experiences and her love are the things that helped me become a better person.

She's not only my mother. She's also my bestfriend.

Job well done mom! Thank you for the values and the things you taught me.

Happy Mothers' Day! nah kidding!

*The pictures were taken when we had lunch today at Queens Center Mall.

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