Friday, August 29, 2008

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Not an Ordinary Day

Today, I've been very busy doing a power point presentation about Forensic Science. My mom was assigned to teach that subject even though she is a math teacher. She said that the New York Department of Education is cost cutting their budget. That's why some of the teachers were given assignments that are not actually their field.

My mom can't do anything about it except to prepare and study about Forensic Science for her class. She will be teaching the subject for just one period. Isn't it crazy? My mom needs to study and prepare for it just for one period of class- a 45-minute class!

Even though it will be just for 45 minutes, teachers should study and prepare for their lessons so that they will be effective in teaching. It is also crazy because their performance will still be observed by the Principals and if they get a failing mark they will be kicked out from the system. Isn't it unfair?

That's why today is not an ordinary day for me because I have been studying and researching about Forensic Science together with my mom so that I can make a good visual presentations for the students. It is actually fun because I am also learning while doing my task.

I love this day! It feels like I am preparing for a Case Presentation just like in the Nursing school. I enjoyed reading, highlighting the text books, summarizing and making the power point. Yey me! I am busy today!!

Pray for my mom ok? I pray that everything will be ok. The class will already start next week...soooo...I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

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