Friday, September 5, 2008

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A Chat Session with God : The Letter of Acceptance

I made this letter after I had finally reflected and prayed for wisdom to understand and accept the event, miracle or the gift that God had given me during my debut last December 29, 2007.

Dear GOd,

For more than 18 years that You had let me borrow my life, I am very sorry for not knowing how to thank you for it. You are so good to me Father. You never forsake me..You always remind me of your love. It is just so amazing that you Had let Your Son Jesus die for us. It is so amazing that even if we fail to serve You, You never forget to supply us the things that we need in order for us to live.

I am sorry God, for not seeing this before. We often cry asking for blessings and some even say that You had already forgotten them. I am sorry Father, for it is us your children who forgets. We have so much time for talking, making up stories, hurting other people, fighting, flirting, hating, to be online, to text, to curse, to watch our favorite show, to critize the things that we see, to think bad and to plan for evil stuffs but we always say "I am sorry Lord I haven’t prayed because I am busy". I am sorry Father for often saying that it is already enough for we had attended service last Sunday. I am sorry for most of us laugh when others offer a long prayer during our classes or any meetings. I am sorry for most of us feels awkward when we speak about you and some of us made other people feel uncomfortable talking about you. I am sorry Lord for we often doubt your love, kidness and some even Your existence. I am sorry for most of us are ashamed to shout out loud that we love you. Too many things to be sorry Lord but you never made it hard for us to ask for your forgiveness. Even before we speak God, you immediately give us your sweetest smile and your warm embrace to made us feel loved. We often worry Lord if you could still accept us but thank you Father for reminding us through the cross that You had once saved us and You will always be there saving us from our sins. Father, I would also like to say sorry if some of our beliefs and ways are not Yours..Forgive us Father for it is how we are raised but please let us know if it is wrong so we could change it. Tell us if we are already following the false prophets.

Thank you Lord for your kindness. Thank you for letting us feel your presence even in this modern age. Thank you for letting your fire fall down and for always hearing our prayer. Thank you for giving me courage and strength to shout to the world that I am yours. You the Lord of the Earth had cared to know my name and cared to feel my hurt. Thank you for being the best friend a man could ever have. Thank you for talking to me and answering me literally. I know i don’t have the right to challenge you to prove Your self, but You did helped me strengthen my faith. You helped me prove to my self that you are there waiting for us to talk to you. Thank you for being in my room and watch me cry when i pray and at the same time for being there for the people that i love to keep them safe. Thank you for sending people to hug me whenever I long for your embrace. At the same time for touching the hearts of the people to comfort me when I am down. Sometimes I know You think it is funny whenever i ask you to hug me but you are so good Father for letting me feel it. Most of all, thank you Lord for changing me..i would never be the same God. Thank you.

Father, you know what my heart wants so i would no longer speak. It is just amazing how You had made me speak through my heart. You know what I deserve and I am ready for your challenges so it is ok for me whatever things that you will give. Father just take care of the people that i love.

For more than 18 years Lord that you had given me so much blessings i think it is time for me now to serve you. This time Father..It is not me about asking for anything…I will leave everything in Your mighty name…I will just praise, worship and glorfiy your Name Lord. Instruct me Lord..tell me what to do and tell it to me cleary about how can I make you happy. You won’t call my name for nothing Lord, I know that. So please speak to me clearly. I am ready now Lord. I am willing to serve you now… You know how painful it is Lord for knowing that you speak yet i can’t understand. But I know making it so hard for me to understand is one of your plans to strengthen me.

I love you Lord. I love your Son. I love your Spirit.

your child,

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hello there.. nice to see you in my blog. Bisaya sad ka? taga where diay ka?