Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seafoods Cook Off

My parents taught me how to cook since I was 10 and I had joined contests about cooking as early as that age. I learned by just observing my parents while they cook and observe the ingredients of a dish whenever I eat in a restaurant. I love to experiment and explore the cook book.

Recently my dad and his friends involve their selves into fishing and we actually eat what they got. It is really great because we are able to eat fish for free and at the same time it's fresh. I love seafoods and most of all shrimps.

In connection to my love of shrimps and seafoods, I had recently visited an awesome website wherein chefs from the different states of America are having a cook off challenge for using domestic and sustainable seafoods in their recipe. Domestic seafoods are really great because not only it is fresh but also it taste better.

Among the entries my favorite is the recipe of Chef Mark Holley from Texas.

over hominy cakes with heirloom tomato relish drizzled with prickly pear gastrique
It looks really delicious and the shrimps are mouth watering! I will try to cook this and make it spicy and of course with no tequila.
How can I copy this? Well the great deal about is that you can copy or download the recipes and if you vote for your favorite recipe, just like what I did, you will have the chance to win a packaged trip to New Orleans! How cool is that?
Check out the site and explore new recipes using seafoods. Try the recipes from the cook off chefs and vote.



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Faizal said...

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