Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thank you for your prayers...

I had already taken my TOEFL online this morning and I am really glad that it is already over. The exam was really practical but I would not say it is easy. We were asked to read long paragraphs, listen to lectures and conversations, and write a reaction about a certain topic. So basically the purpose of the exam is to know how well we can understand and communicate using english.

The reading part was the easiest part for me because ideas are already presented and that you still have time to evaluate your answer. The writing part was ok because all I have to do was to react and write just like what I am doing here but of course it's not easy to defend your answer especially when you are not familiar about a topic. The part that I am not comfortable about is the speaking because you just don't have to speak in english but also you have to organize your thoughts. I was time pressured and was really nervous that there are moments that I had said my point more than once.

But overall I was satisfied and I know I was blessed and guided. To God be the glory! This is a good start for me.

Once again, thank you. Good night!


Anonymous said...

When you cast your worries upon the Lord, He will bear them for you. When you trust in the Lord, everything will turn out all right. I am glad you have taken the test and I know you have done well. Great job Paige! I am proud of you my friend. Blessings

LoCTY said...

Thank you for sharing your progress here. As always it is a huge blessing to pray for someone.