Friday, September 19, 2008

When I See My Father

If You will give me a chance to come face to face with You,
I would definitely just hug You tight and close my eyes while I feel Your embrace.
There's a lot of things that I wanted to share with you Lord
but I know it's not about what I want in this life,
for having the chance to be with You is the only thing that I desire.
You might laugh at me for saying only the words
thank you and I love you randomly for hours and hours;
but Lord, I just can't think of anything to say except those words.

As I sit alone in my room away from the material world that You had blessed me,
I feel contented by just knowing that You are always there.
I feel like I have everything by just knowing that I had finally accepted You in my life.
At this moment, I wonder how many people are talking to you right now
and what are they telling You.

Some people gives You thanks and praise,
others are begging for You to heal them or their loved ones,
their would be souls that are newly born at this moment and that are asking for Your
forgiveness for the times they had taken you for granted,
and I'm sure their are some who are laughing at You
and mocking Your existence at this moment
That's a lot of voices God with different emotions thrown to You.
But despite of those things, You never failed to listen to us
and even at the times that all I want is just your hug.
I simply thank you Father for all the things You've done for me.
Please continue to guide me Lord so that I won't be lost.
Please control me Lord because I know I can still do things that can hurt You
and I don't want You to be hurt because of me.
Help me Lord to follow your commands so that by the time that I can actually be with You,
I will never be shy to hug You.

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