Thursday, October 30, 2008

Disney is Evil

I actually don't agree with Pastor Josue Yrion. I think we cannot say or even have the right to judge an action or a thing as evil unless we know their motives. I believe that his perception of it makes the thing evil.

I believe that watching Disney movies can't make you evil. Evil is actually everywhere if you don't have God in your life. If you have God in your life, you can actually get a relection about your Christian life with any book or movie you are watching.

I really hate preaches that tells you this and that are evil or this and that is bad. I don't know...I just don't feel this is right.

What do you think about this?


Bammy said...

Some say they have some scenes not suitable for children that may need parental guidance but I guess not all of it,there might be some parts. They did not really refer to it as satanic though, rather it should be rated PG for some of the movies. In my opinion, if it has something to do against God or something in the Bible that it violates then, maybe it is as the ptr. was saying.But the thing is parents should also examine the whole movie before consenting to it, and better yet, they should always be present with their children and advice them especially parts that may have such contents. God bless!

Bammy said...

this may still need thorough examination and much prayer paige for God to uncover the truth behind the scenes.

penlighted said...

Really? Those were true?
Idk..I just watched it a while ago and this is my first time to hear that story. Maybe I just watched it and admire the beauty of the story rather than watching it and absorb is a material of evil.

Thanks for sharing Bammy.

Blessings to you!

John said...

I think you are correct!

In Christ we have more freedom AND more responsibility.

The new life in Christ produces a full measure of freedom, but also a love to follow God and to desire for God in all things.

I have always trusted the Christian’s heart guided by the Holy Spirit rather than a man-made rule.

Others may say, “Let’s watch Jesus. Yes, there he goes walking, oh, but look he is going to sit down with those sinners. He broke the rules. He cannot be a teacher of OUR rules because he does not follow the rules.”

You have the love of God and the courage of His strength. I’d say you’ve got the rules just about right!

Sister Alissa Lynne said...

I agree with Bammy!! We need to be parents. I do not permit my son to watch certain things on Disney because of his is not appropriate for him. I do not permit my son to listen to any music that is not Christian music because it is not appropriate for him. Yet this is my choice as I truly believe that we do not fight against flesh and blood...this is a spiritual war and we have to understand that if it is not of God then it is of the enemy...there is no middle ground. Either it glorifies God or it does does that mean we limit what we subject ourselves too...yes we should, we are called to live holy IF we are living for Christ. At least that is what I believe! LOL There are certain things I do not even watch myself...I do not watch movies with a lot of sex, or reference to it, I do not watch things with cussing or things that are just clearly so out of line of God such as things related to the demonic side of things. Maybe it is just me but I can see why he saying what he is saying even though sometimes the go over board with explanation...the bottomline is does it glorify God...if it does not then remember that if it is not then it is glorifying the enemy. Okay that is all from me. LOL I could go on...LOL

Rico said...

Did he specify which part(s) of the movies were evil? Did he quote some verses in the Bible that says it's evil? And did he explain why it is evil? If not, and if it's just his opinion, then I think that is totally wrong.

penlighted said...

lol thank you Sister Alissa...
I agree with what you said maybe it is just how he pointed out the reasons that made me not agree it...I agree that there are a lot of movies that can pollute young minds, like me, but I just don't agree about it being evil.

Idk..It's my first time to hear about it...

My mom would always ask what's the lesson of the movie or the, when I watch a movie I tend to look at the positive thing or the lesson that I can get from it. And I also hate movies that is full of nonsense and violence...

penlighted said...

John, thank you for your comment...I always believe that evil is everywhere but with God's love, grace and guidance, we can divert it into something positive. God bless yoU!

Rico, did you watch the video? He pointed the parts there..which I think somebody must have edited it. Which is why I really don't agree with his reasons. He had also pointed out somebody from Disney who had AIDS and who is gay..I don't think as Christians we have the right to hate them and tell people not to use or watch their products.

The Bible Post said...

Hi Penlighted,

You have been tagged! :)

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Blessings to you,

Anonymous said...

it's just his opinion..that's all..

Anonymous said...

remember this:

"what you think is what you are"

eugene said...

He's very passionate for trivial things.

Yes we need to guide children today in what they watch because it will affect their minds.

But I believe that what we should do primarily and focus at is teaching the children the Word of God. "Train up a child in the way he should go,Even when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

We must teach the Fear of The Lord.

rikkiBOi said...

The Bible says beware of False Prophets...

Tamela's Place said...


In my own personal opinion i do feel that Hollywood is corrupt and they are trying desperately to corrupt our children. But when Disney first came on the scene i don't believe that his intentions were to corrupt the children. But Hollywood has come a long ways from haveing moral standards.

My daughters favorite disney show growing up was little mermaid. I will have to admit that i didn't like her ( ariel's) rebellion toward her father. But other than that i don't have any other opinion. Blessings to you!

Bammy said...

be praying about this issue paige.
:) I believe that all the things that are not of the Lord will be torn down.

Let's stick to what HIS Word tells us then. bcos that's the only standard we should follow,if we seek to honor the Lord in everything we do.

Thanks for this post and to all those who left their comments too and opinions:)

God bless you all!!!!

penlighted said...

I really have a lot things to learn Bam. I am really thankful for all the blogs and bloggers because they are helping me learn.

God bless you Bam!

I miss yoU!

cherry said...

hala!! beware of false prophets jud peej!! hehe di lng ko magbisaya lng ko ha? hehe para maiba! ^^,
medyo duda ko ani na pastor bah..
grabe xa mka-judge ug uban tao..
dba bad na??
gina-Label daun niya na mga EVIL ang mga tao behind Disney productions..
We r oL sinners bya dba?? tas grabe au xa mutira..
ala lng..duda lng jud ko sa iyaha..

pro i agree na kailangan jud bantayan sa parents ang mga bata kay medyo naay mga scenes na di pa nila masabtan..

hehe mao lng..
agi lng ko..
ayo-ayo inU.
Godbless U all..mwahugz!^^,