Saturday, October 11, 2008

Does God Really Exist?

"Anyone who does not know God is simply foolish.

Such people look at the good things around them

and still fail to see the living God.

They have studied the things He made, but they

have not recognized the one who made them."

-Wisdom 13:1

Isn't it crazy how some people question God's existence? The world is full of wonders and amazing things that only the mighty hands of God can create. Let's say and pretend that I believe in evolution, doesn't evolution say that one thing comes from something? But still, that something exist because somebody who is powerful made it.

Everyday, we see improvements on the works, studies and discoveries of humans but it doesn't mean that God doesn't exist because we can already explain things. People started to question the existence of a powerful being, which is God, because of Science. And isn't it foolish when God shows us a miracle and we prefer not to acknowledge it as a work of God or His way of letting us know that He exists just because we have this stupid thinking that "we cannot explain it just because we are not yet done on our studies and researches about why it happened".

"But maybe we are too harsh with these people.

After all, they may have really wanted to find God, but couldn't.

Surrounded by God's works, they keep on looking at them,

until they are finally convinced that because the things they

see are so beautiful, they must be gods.

But still, these people really have no excuse.

If they had enough intelligence to speculate

about the nature of the universe,

why did they never find the Lord of all things?"

-Wisdom 13:6-9

So the next time that you will ask that stupid question, face the mirror and there you can see a wonderful creation of God. Humans are not from apes. Animals are not gods. The nature is not god. God is God.


Tamela's Place said...


Thank you for your comment on my blog :) There are a lot people out there that will be forever learning but yet never coming to the TRUTH.. You are right, they will be without excuse in that day, because the Word of God says that even nature itself tells you that there is a God. But some just can't seem to accept that.. Which is really sad.

The Bible Post said...

I look forward to the day when Jesus returns to silence the enemy and redeem His people!

Some may call us foolish for believing in God; but they will soon discover that they have acted foolishly in rejecting the The Way, The Truth, and The Life--Jesus Christ!

Anonymous said...

AMEN! Scientists are always so quick to have to find physical facts which proves that God really exists and that Jesus actually walked on this earth. The only place they truly need to search for the truth in inside them. Beautiful my friend. Beautiful. Blessings!

Anonymous said...

My friend I have been blessed and now I am passing the blessing on to you. Come by and claim your blessing! Love you

rikkiBOi said...

The Bible would tell everything about God's existence...
It's the complete proof written by the people who first had encounter with Him...:D

Evolution theory sucks!
Science and Religion doesnt oppose each other. They should complement each other...

Rev. Matt Oxley said...

To the original post:

Im sorry you think Atheists are simply denying the obvious, we just like to have proof for the claims of old books, like the Bible. Since there never has been any credible proof that Jesus Christ ever existed, i find it really hard to continue to put all my faith in him as the savior of my soul.

@ Tamela's Place:

IF intelligent design were so obvious it would obviously lead to some sort of scientific proof...instead, science leads us to believe things that go against this "word of god"...what are you going to believe...evidence or an old book?

@ The Bible post:

I have simply acted the way the human mind has evolved to rejecting the unbelievable when no evidence is provided, i have saved myself a lot of wasted time and money by not having devotion to an unreal thing.

@ Valerie Lynn:

Yes, science requires proof...that's why it is called science and Christianity is called Faith....IF i were to look inside myself, most definitely i would be fooled by the wiles of religion...because in us is an innate need for a creator and some way to explain away the things we don't understand. Our own emotions would give us a false reassurance that this Christ is real...instead of hard, real, evidence. IF god loves us, and created us to question things the way we do, he would have provided some sort of evidence for his existence rather than requiring us to believe the sounds to me like this God wants us to go to hell...instead of wanting to save us.

@ RikkiBOi:

Do you understand the Theory of Evolution?

anyway, come visit my blog @

penlighted said...

Honestly we have a lot of proofs aside from the Bible...

but...we can't explain it because there are no words that can accurately explain the evidence that we have...

God had given me a lot of proofs that's why my faith is strong. It's hard to explain things to people who wouldn't even listen.

Gi said...


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Anonymous said...

I have a surprise for you on my blog! Blessings!