Friday, October 10, 2008

People are Not Alike

My reading for today answered the questions that I tried to ask but dared not; but the funny thing is that God can exactly read our thoughts even if we try to divert our consciousness so that we couldn't think about it. ^_^ I can cheat my self but I know I couldn't cheat Him.

A while ago I watched some series of medical issues from the Discovery Health. The cases that were discussed varies from amazing, scary and touching. I wouldn't just mention or describe what were the issues because I wasn't really paying attention to what it is called. Anyway, while I was watching it, there is a part of me that tried to ask God why would He let them experience it. It was just passing because I really don't want to ask God why.

But like I said, I can cheat my self but I can never cheat Him. I didn't expect that He will answer me...ehehehe... Thank you Lord for answering me. You are amazing! Here's what my Father said:

"Every human being was made from the earth,
just as Adam was, but the Lord, in His wisdom,
made them all different and gave them different task"
-Sirach 33:10-11

Thank you Lord for giving me an answer why people are not alike. You made me different and you made other people different because you had already planned our lives and had set tasks for us even before we were born. I, the way you had molded me, can make diffrence in the world just like other people can.

"Just as clay is in the potter's hands for
Him to shape as He pleases,
so we are in the hands of our Creator
for Him to do with as He wishes."
-Sirach 33:13

"Mold me Lord as You please, I know
I will stand out because You created me."


LoCTY said...

Just kinda dropping by to say hi and encourage you to keep on posting and a thank you for all your comments on my blog, really much appreciated. It helps tremendously that I am now a follower of your blog on blogger.

Tamela's Place said...

I am glad He is the Potter and I am not. What a mess i would be. He fixes and mends me in His time and in His way, and i know that in the end i will be a vessel of honor for His Glory. He will make all things beautiful in His time. God Bless you.. And Keep lifting up the Lord with your writings.. You are a blessing. Please stop by and visit and leave me a comment.. I would love to hear from you..

Robin said...

Thank You for stopping by, it is sooo wonderful to having this freeing breakthrough with my Jesus!!!