Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I am saved from myself

" Come together, people of the nations,
all who survive the fall of the empire;
present yourselves for the trial!
The people who parade with their idols of wood
and pray to gods that cannot save them-
those people know nothing at all!

Come and present your case in court;
let the defendants consult one another.
Who predicted long ago what would happen?
Was it not I, the Lord, the God
who saves His people?
There is no other god.

"Turn to me now and be saved,
people all over the world!
I am the only God there is.
My promise is true,
and it will not be changed
I solemnly promised by all that I am:
Everyone will come and kneel before me
and vow to be loyal to me.

"They will say that only through me
are victory and strength to be found;
but all who hate me will suffer disgrace.
I, the Lord, will rescue all the descendants of Jacob,
and they will give me praise.
-Isaiah 45:20-25

Everytime a verse is being read, its impact will be different for each individual. The message in the Bible can be interpreted in many ways. It could be an answer to your question, a warning from God, a comfort that you need, and the list goes on. That's why we need to pray and ask for wisdom before we open the Bible so that we can understand it and the message between the written lines. It is not good to interpret it literally because the words in the Bible may contain symbols that represents your life.

I got this message a while ago after we prayed and I know exactly what God is telling me.
My mom and I had a conversation this morning about our worries for our green card application and also for my studies. We worried so much. I worried so much and I am getting impatient about it. I want to finish my studies and work in the hospital and serve people. I want to attend to patients and care for them. I would love people to see the works of God in the hospital. I want to be there and take advantage of their hopelessness to let them know that God loves them.

But everything is just about what I had planned and I worried because I am afraid that I couldn't do what I wanted. I forgot that God made a way and brought me here in New York. I had failed to realize that He had already planned something for me.

It is only through God that I could find victory. It is only through Him that I can be strengthened. It is through Him and His plans that I can find true happiness. I shouldn't have worried and I shouldn't insist my plans.

I will praise, glorify and worship you Lord. I perfectly know the reason why you had me idled and it is because you wanted more time from me. I know there is a perfect time for me to extend my service and this time is not the right one.

Thank you God for giving me enough time to know you better and to learn from the people I had met here online. I know I am still vulnerable to have my beliefs and actions direct me to an opposite direction as where you are. I had started to adore my plans and I've become eager as if it is the only way I could live. Thank you for correcting me. I won't be stubborn and insist my desires again.

Thy will be done Father. I had come to You. Lead me so I could follow Your plans.

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