Monday, October 6, 2008

Jesus: My Loyal and My Dearest Friend

Having Jesus in my life made everything so light and easy to handle.

It's like having a best friend who can be there for you 24/7.

Listen to the things that He does for me..

He listens and keeps my secrets.

He laughs and cries with me.

He scolds me when I am wrong.

He reminds me to be good.

He tells me what I should do.

He gives me gifts on special occasions.

He wants the best for me.

He wants to be with me.

He loves to talk to me.

We talk about issues, problems and about life in general.

He gives gifts to my loved ones.

He makes the people I love happy.

He talks to my parents and my brothers.

He talks to my boyfriend and his family.

He talks to my friends.

He tells me whom I should be with.

He warns me about things.

He gets hurt when enemies hurt me.

He comforts me when I am sad.

He accompanies me when I'm alone.

I know...I know...He's not just a friend.

He can do more than a friend can do for me.

He is like a superhero, a teacher, a doctor, a counsellor and the list goes on.

My savior is the greatest and the best!

He loves me and I love Him.

I can never thank Him enough for the things that He had done for me.


dido said...

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Anonymous said...

Paige you have done an awesome job of telling how Jesus is a friend to you. My dear I was absolutely touched by your words. Your love for Christ is absolutely beyond words. Jesus is indeed a friend who will never leave you nor forsake you. He will always be there for you. I love reading your blog as I can see you faith increasing each and every time I visit. I am so proud of you and I pray that God continues to strengthen and keep you. Stay strong in your faith my friend. Much love to you!

Grace and Peace

Robin said...

Thank You Jesus! For All you do for us and in us and through us! He is my rock in whom I put all my trust. May God show you more of Him as you obey and desire to serve Him with your life. Robin

Joan said...

Thanks for following my blog. Jesus is a Super Hero!

God Bless

Anonymous said...

He covers everything if we allow him to. Thanks for the Testimony and reminder!!

Kater B said...

Amazing Blog, Glad to see young people such as you would be so radical for Jesus. I am so blessed by your work and Yes Jesus Loves me and this I know. Keep up your God work and may God bless you in all you doings. Take Care.

Tamela's Place said...

Hello Paige,

Thank you for following. I wanted to come and visit your blog. What you have to write from your heart is truly a blessing. I will follow your blog as well and visit with you more.. God bless you always..