Saturday, October 25, 2008

Life in the Spirit

This weekend my mother and I will be enjoying our privilege to join the Life in the Spirit Seminar in our community church. It is a two-day seminar which started today, October 25, 2008 from 9am to 5pm.

Today, I was inspired by the talks and I enjoyed singing and praising God. This seminar is an answered prayer! I've been praying to finally be able to join a prayer group since I came here in New York. I am just grateful and I praise Him so much for this gift.

And tomorrow we will be baptized by the Holy Spirit...It isn't actually my first time to receive and acknowledge the gifts and the works of the Spirit but it will be my first time to be baptized and be officially recognize by my church.

I am really happy that even though I wasn't able to work and study for a while, God had given me the chance to be able to mingle and meet people from the church (people who are already devoting their lives to God and serving Him). He had also given me the opportunity to understand, use and appreciate the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I believe that God did this because He had planned something else for me. I might had the willingness to serve Him but I know I can't do it properly without proper guidance, knowledge, wisdom and confidence to do it.

To be a good soldier of God means you have to be fully equipped and be filled by the Holy Spirit. I am willing to undergo training Lord! ^_^ I am willing to take things one step at a time. I love you God and I will praise Your Name forever!


Reflection (or whatever you call it..)

*You know whenever I come home from shopping, even if I have new shoes or clothes, I am not just as happy and contented as I am whenever I come home from a prayer meeting or a fellowship. It's like a happiness and sense of peace that comes from deep within your heart that you just can't describe why or even the intensity of it. It's like you are high of some drugs and that makes you act kind, makes you patient and understand other people. It's like your heart is overflowing with love that you just can't stop showing love to other people.

Jesus makes me high. His Spirit makes me high and I just can't stop praising God for making me high!


Power Up Love said...

I like what you said, "I am willing to undergo training Lord!" This is so important reminding me that just as we go to the gym and workout or bodies, we must also go into the spiritual gym and workout, studying the word of God and drawing near to him daily.

I invite you to visit and share your story of how God has change your life.

bettygram said...

Amen to what you have stated. Prayer changes things.