Monday, November 17, 2008

Seek and you will find HIM

A lot of people had denied the existence of God because they said that there is no evidence that can prove that He is real. On the other hand, there are also people who already believes in Him but failed to live the Christian life.

I know that it is hard to convince the blind to believe the scriptures, how much more if we ask them to pray. But in the contrary, I believe that God can make impossible things possible in His time. I just pray that it would be not too late for them to repent and that they could still have time to enjoy the wonderful life of being a Christian. I don't want to argue with them anymore but I hope they would take time to think about what Jesus said in Matthew 25:13, "Watch out, then, because you do not know the day or the hour."

How about our brothers and sisters who failed to build a tight relationship with our Father?

I've heard people who said that the Bible is boring, praying makes them sleepy, they are attending mass every Sunday and, of course, they already believe that God is there. Being a Christian is not merely about involving your self in a religion and following what your religion is telling you to do, like going to Church every Sunday or offering a part of your income.

Christianity is building a relationship with God. Think about the things that you do to show your affection to the girl/boy that you like. Do that to God! Spend time with Him. Talk to Him. A good relationship takes time and effort to build. And always remember that our Father is already on our way, waiting to meet us. He had sent a thousand of ways to help us build that relationship with Him. God is a humble and a giving Father. Jesus said in Matthew 7:7, "Ask, and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you."

Know God through the Bible. In Sirach 6:32-33 He said, "My child you can learn if you want to. You can be clever if you are determined to be. If you are willing to listen, you will learn and become wise." and in Sirach 6:37 He is encouraging you by saying "Devote all your time to studying the Lord's commands and thinking about them. He will give you the insight and wisdom you are looking for."


Anonymous said...

Hello Sweetie, once again you have filled my heart with joy! Oh how I love reading your blog. I know how you feel when trying to explain to a non-believer or to a believer who is simply "going through the motions" when it comes to our Lord and Savior. It is times like these that I just turn them over to God and let His Divine will be done in their lives. I pray for their souls and for their eyes to be open to the truth. Only God can change them.

Love you and blessings my sweet daughter!

Robin said...

You have a wonderful way of writting. Hugs, robin

Joyfulsister said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog, I am truly blessed to see young women such as yourself blogging for the Lord *smile* and I know the Lord is pleased as well. Keep writing and using the gift that the Lord has given you as you continue to bless the hearts of those who come to read.

Aloha Lorie

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Believing in God and walking in His way are graces from God. There are those that God had already chosen to be His and they receive God's amazing grace that is why they respond to the message of the Gospel. There are people who will not respond to the Gospel message because they have not receive the grace of convictionand conversion. Thanks for the post. May I invite you to join Filipinos Unite!!!. You may do so by simply commenting on my post or sending your name, address, name of blog and url to Thanks again and God bless.

Anonymous said...

It is important "to build a tight relationship with our Father", as you state. The Father is God, the creator and keeper of all life. The Father will see to us, educate us and give us opportunities, and when counting for God it is the Father we make valid. The Father is giving us faith. Charity we show by the Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit will fill us and nourish us and guide us to all kinds of good work. By the Holy Spirit we are gifted. But our hope we have to The Son, who is the life becoming of everything which happens. The Son will justify us or condemn us by our motives, and The Son will save us from the ill fate of the commoners. The Son is our love, is what we hope for, the life we want to see happening. The Son is the meaning of life. So maybe, when discussing with people who say they see no proof of God, we should ask if it not quite the opposite? Is it not we who are to prove ourselves to God, and is it no so God sees little of the true human being, of love and of charity these days? Is it not true we feel God's expectation to us every day?

There is little faith in The Son, which is the meaning of life, these days. And The Son crucified is a stumbling block and foolishness to those who think they are in control of The Son by their own means. But we know The Son is in the hands of The Father, and we love Christ for being the result of our actions, work, and life. We trust in God. :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the new look! Its beautiful just like you. I have two awards waiting for you at my blog! Congrats and love you!