Monday, December 1, 2008

Miracles are Everywhere and It Happens Everyday

Today, I'm going to share a testimony of how great is our God. This one is a story of my mother that she kept on telling us as a reminder whenever we start to worry about things.

I wish I had a chance to share this story to that person who posted in yahoo that God would have to do 100 miracles in front of him before he will believe in Him and also to the one who asked "why doesn't God do miracles anymore?"...

Anyway, here's the story...

There was this time when our family no longer have food to be cooked for lunch- no rice, no meat, nothing. My dad was not home and my mother was not yet paid from her work.

Our helper then asked my mom what should we have for lunch. My mom said she will not be paid from her job until the next day and she added, "If God will let us eat then He will provide. If He won't let us, then we won't have lunch."

Well guess what? Somebody knocked and paid my mom for the Avon products that she awes her. She gave my mom 50php which that time is enough to buy a kilo of rice and some cooked dish.

We had our lunch then after that my mom was able to get her salary.

I believe that that is a miracle!

Mom, constantly remind us that God's miracle can happen everyday and everywhere. God's miracle doesn't have to be a complete cure from your illness but it can be the day that God had given you to live and make use of the chance to enjoy life. It doesn't have to be a million dollars but it can be your job, the food that you eat, your shelter, and your clothes.

Our life is compose of miracles and gifts from God every second of it.

"There are two ways to live:
you can life as if nothing is a miracle;
you can live as if everything is a miracle."
-Albert Einstein


Anonymous said...

Paige, your mom is right. God does perform miracles everyday. Those who don't believe God performs miracles everyday need to stop and think about this: The first miracle is that we wake up every morning after sleeping all night. It is not the alarm clock which pops our eyes open, or the sunlight which shines through the window, it is simply GOD. How about when we sneeze and our hearts stop for those few seconds? Who do they think gets the heart started again? GOD. Your mom is a great woman of faith and her daughter is just like her. Blessings my friend!

I Whisper to God said...

I love that Albert Einstein quotes. It is one of my favorites and I choose to live my life exactly in that way.....looking for tiny miracles every day! Thanks for sharing your heart warming story. :D

The Heart Of Worship said...

Hi Paige... What a wonderful testimony. It's true that miracles still can happen everyday.. It just that people might unaware about that and simply thought that everything happen is just coinsidence, luck, own effort and etc.

Paige, our testimonies defeated devil's power. Keep on telling the world of GOD's loves.

GOD bless!