Friday, February 6, 2009

Prayers for Aden Harrington

Aden is a beautiful 3-year old boy. He loves trains, his grandparents, reading, his half-day school and friends. He is smart, handsome and full of life.

Aden was diagnosed on January 6, 2009 with Stage 4 Kidney Cancer. It has already metastasized to his lungs.

He showed few signs of being sick, except for the fact that he was taking a bit too long to recover from a common cold. His parents noticed a little lump on his side just under Aden's ribcage. They took him to a pediatrician thinking he probably had mono.

Please include Aden in your prayers...

I got his story from The Lighthouse Prayer Line.

Read more about Aden's story and sign his guestbook:
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I Whisper to God said...

I never understand why children suffer like this, but I trust in God and will pray for Aden.
Thank you for posting.

Mel Alarilla said...

Yes, I will pray for Aden. By the stripes of Jesus, Aden is healed. This I pray heavenly Father in the name of Jesus through the ministry of the Holy Spirit, one God forever and ever. Amen. God bless my friend.

bingkee said...

Yes, I will pray for this cute child that he will be healed and restored to good health.
Paige, I have a tag for you at my blog. Come and get it.

Lori said...

Oh Paige, thank you for sharing Aden's story. He is in my prayers now, and will remain so.

valerie lynn said...

Thank you Paige. I will indeed lift little Aden up in my prayers. There is indeed power in prayer.

Tamela's Place said...

We pray for little Aden, our heart goes out to him and his family. We pray God's healing touch in his life right now in the name of Jesus!