Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Love Letter

Dearest My First Love,

I haven't written You a letter nor have I written something about You for a very long time, and because of that I know You miss me. I know You miss me because I know how much You love me. You love me too much that there are times I just felt like I know You'd understand. We've talked everyday...no, I talked a lot lately. I've been telling You my problems, my worries, my pains, my confusion, my excitement, my happiness...my my my. I didn't stop talking and I had failed to listen. I had also taken for granted our relationship. I had stopped talking about us and I know that You had waited for me. I am sorry dear God.

I miss You so much Lord and I am sorry that the things that I am facing right now had led my attention to other things. I love You Lord. I love You so much and thank You for being my Greatest Savior. Thank You for calling my attention and for letting me have this moment to be with You again. I miss the days when the instrumental music was playing and then I would close my eyes and You'll just comfort me and give me peace. I miss those days Lord but at the same time I am also thankful that You had trusted me to be out in the world again. Thank You for letting me meet new people and for allowing me to finish my studies. I am sorry if I got overwhelmed. Please keep me grounded and hold me tighter. I don't want to be away from You.

Jesus, thank You for reminding me that You should be my First and that You'll bless the broken road and You will lead me to where I should be. Guide me Jesus. Take my hand and pull me if I need it.

My God, there are no words that I could ever use that can help me express how thankful I am that You came into my life. Without You Lord, I know I couldn't make it this far. Lord, thank You for taking care of me and for sending angels who had brought Your message. I love You Lord! I love You so much.

My First Love, My Savior, My Comforter, My Protector, My Strength and My One True Love...My God, I love YOU and I miss YOU big time! Thank You for this day.


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