Sunday, October 18, 2009

Eucharist: Heaven and Earth Unite

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Today, I had a very great experience during the Sunday Eucharist. God is so great and I am in awe and humbled by His grace. "Why are You letting me experience these things Lord?", I often ask that question. I know I am not perfect. I am a perfect sinner and by just knowing that, I become more grateful that despite of being who I am, He still loves me.

Last night, I was telling Him that I love Him so much and I don't know where to pour my love for Him. I felt like everything I do is not enough. I want more of Him so much and I want to be with Him always. I wanted to be still but I can't because I have to study. I wanted to serve His people by becoming a nurse but I can't because I am not yet done with my studies.

What do You want from me Lord? Where do You want me to serve You? Where can I sing Your praises? I heard You call my name, Lord and I am moved within me. Your Spirit stirs my deepest self and because of that, I know I am now ready to sing Your song. Fire my life with Your love and allow me to share it to others. Let me be Your servant, oh God.

We sang the Servant Song during the service today and it had sent me to an intimate mood with Him. I was closing my eyes when I suddenly smelt incense burning followed by the sweet fragrant of flowers. I was wondering where it came from and so I opened my eyes. I was amazed because suddenly I found my self closer to the altar. The surroundings were full of clouds and there was light everywhere. We seem to float and I can no longer see the floor because of the light. I felt peace and joy. I wanted to look around but the light was strong, I had to close my eyes and so I did. The fragrant of the flowers was still there and so I kept on praising and thanking Him. I stopped wondering and became still in His presence. I listened to the choir and my heart is telling me that those were angels.

Then, suddenly the scent was gone. I opened my eyes, the consecration of the body and blood was done and everything is back to normal.

Oh Lord You are amazing! I love You so much and thank You for this day.

Friday, October 16, 2009

I Love You

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Sometimes words are not enough for you to say what you really mean. And even though it has been quoted that action speaks louder than words; I think, sometimes actions are still not enough to show what you really feel. The best words hasn't been made and the best action hasn't been discovered for me to show You how much I love You.

I may have caused You pain a lot of times, I may have taken You for granted because of my "busy" life, I may have been distracted a couple of times and even if I know You know how much I love You; I still wanna say that I will never get tired of letting You feel my love. I miss You everyday. I miss spending a private moment with You. I miss the stillness that Your presence gives. I pray that I could have more days like this, just You and me.

Oh God, I'm in awe of Your beauty! I'm humbled by the love that I can feel from You. Thank You for loving me so much. Thank You because You never gave up on me. You've been patient on me and I could never thank You enough for understanding my flaws. Your love for me makes me better than I'll ever be.

Every time I think of You, my heart leaps because of the joy that Your love brings. Every time I think of You, I'm missing You. I want to leave everything behind and be with You. I love You so much. I love You very very much. I want more of You everyday and I want to do more for You.

I love You so much Lord.
Jesus, I love You.

Snoopy and God

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The Dog Who Never Did Anything

Snoopy remembers it this way, “You stay home now,” they said, “and be a good dog.”

So he stayed home and was a good dog.

Then he decided to be even a better dog. So he barked at everyone who went by. And he even chased the neighbor’s cats.

“What’s happened to you?” they said. “You used to be such a good dog.”

So he stopped barking and chasing cats, and everyone said, “You’re a good dog.”

The moral, as Snoopy typed it, is “Don’t do anything and you’ll be a good dog.”


As I turned the smile around in my mind, I noticed a quirk of the English language. Snoopy and God have something in common. They are related not only by alphabet (dog and god), but by what “creatures in the middle” expect of them. The idea intrigued me enough to try another version.

The God Who Never Did Anything

“You give me what I want now,” they said, “and be a good God.”

So He gave them what they wanted and He was a good God.

Then He decided to be an even better God.

He started knocking over the furniture of other gods, and He used pain to help people in ways they could not understand.

“What’s happened to You?” they said.

“You used to be such a good God.”

So He stopped knocking over the furniture of other gods, and He stopped using pain in ways that were beyond people’s ability to understand.

And everyone said, “You’re a good God.”

The moral, as angels might see it, “Stop acting like God and people will think You’re good.”

From Our Daily Bread

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Faith Baby

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hmmmm..I don't know how to do this entry but I was blog hopping when I stumbled upon a very cute blog and I really really want to share it. I don't have some creative juice today, so I'll just share it directly.

I love babies so much. I love children so much. I want to work as a pediatric nurse. are two of my favorites from Faith Baby. Visit them and buy!