Friday, October 16, 2009

I Love You

Sometimes words are not enough for you to say what you really mean. And even though it has been quoted that action speaks louder than words; I think, sometimes actions are still not enough to show what you really feel. The best words hasn't been made and the best action hasn't been discovered for me to show You how much I love You.

I may have caused You pain a lot of times, I may have taken You for granted because of my "busy" life, I may have been distracted a couple of times and even if I know You know how much I love You; I still wanna say that I will never get tired of letting You feel my love. I miss You everyday. I miss spending a private moment with You. I miss the stillness that Your presence gives. I pray that I could have more days like this, just You and me.

Oh God, I'm in awe of Your beauty! I'm humbled by the love that I can feel from You. Thank You for loving me so much. Thank You because You never gave up on me. You've been patient on me and I could never thank You enough for understanding my flaws. Your love for me makes me better than I'll ever be.

Every time I think of You, my heart leaps because of the joy that Your love brings. Every time I think of You, I'm missing You. I want to leave everything behind and be with You. I love You so much. I love You very very much. I want more of You everyday and I want to do more for You.

I love You so much Lord.
Jesus, I love You.

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