Sunday, October 18, 2009

Eucharist: Heaven and Earth Unite

Today, I had a very great experience during the Sunday Eucharist. God is so great and I am in awe and humbled by His grace. "Why are You letting me experience these things Lord?", I often ask that question. I know I am not perfect. I am a perfect sinner and by just knowing that, I become more grateful that despite of being who I am, He still loves me.

Last night, I was telling Him that I love Him so much and I don't know where to pour my love for Him. I felt like everything I do is not enough. I want more of Him so much and I want to be with Him always. I wanted to be still but I can't because I have to study. I wanted to serve His people by becoming a nurse but I can't because I am not yet done with my studies.

What do You want from me Lord? Where do You want me to serve You? Where can I sing Your praises? I heard You call my name, Lord and I am moved within me. Your Spirit stirs my deepest self and because of that, I know I am now ready to sing Your song. Fire my life with Your love and allow me to share it to others. Let me be Your servant, oh God.

We sang the Servant Song during the service today and it had sent me to an intimate mood with Him. I was closing my eyes when I suddenly smelt incense burning followed by the sweet fragrant of flowers. I was wondering where it came from and so I opened my eyes. I was amazed because suddenly I found my self closer to the altar. The surroundings were full of clouds and there was light everywhere. We seem to float and I can no longer see the floor because of the light. I felt peace and joy. I wanted to look around but the light was strong, I had to close my eyes and so I did. The fragrant of the flowers was still there and so I kept on praising and thanking Him. I stopped wondering and became still in His presence. I listened to the choir and my heart is telling me that those were angels.

Then, suddenly the scent was gone. I opened my eyes, the consecration of the body and blood was done and everything is back to normal.

Oh Lord You are amazing! I love You so much and thank You for this day.


Semidoppel said...

I admire you and your devotion to God

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your story, "quiet love", where you find love in the silence. I found your blog for I was looking for information on a book by Fr. Robert J. Fox - called "Eucharist: Heaven and Earth Unite", the same title as your story. The book which I understand has deep meditations on Our Eucharistic Lord. God Bless