Sunday, February 21, 2010

Make Life Easy

One of the things that my mom had instill to me is the saying "why make it so hard, when it's actually easy?".

I make use of that saying whenever I get hurt or I did something wrong. I figure out that exhausting my self to feel the pain of being hurt because things doesn't go my way or people disappoints me is actually a waste of time. I think it's a waste of time to justify your deeds when you can actually try to listen to other people's reason of why they did such things. I believe that each of us strives hard to be the best that we can be to become a better person. Chances are big that people do something bad not because they wanted to be bad but it's just a result of them not putting their feet on your shoes. It's like if you're B and you wanted to understand A, you have to try to be an A, think like A, so you can empathize with A; but if B failed to be an A, A can try to be a B instead, so it's either they do it or you do it.

It's the same thing whenever I do something wrong, I try my best not to hurt other people but I still hurt them. And I guess, trying to defend my self and telling them not to be hurt because I didn't meant to hurt them is another waste of time. I believe the best thing to do is to accept that I did a mistake, say sorry, let go of hatred, accept the differences and then move on. It is now up to them to do the next thing, which is to forgive you.

It's easy but it takes a lot of courage to do. Pride is a big chunk to swallow at once. I am not an expert of swallowing my pride but I try my best to master that skill. It is helpful. It makes life easier to live. It makes loving other people easier to do.

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Fire Breather said...

really good post :D
a friend of mine had posted a quote on her about me and to this day it makes em think
"every moment you spend angry or upset is a moment of happiness you'll never get back"
I felt like you're post kind of supported this :D