Friday, March 5, 2010

Touch of Love

*please ignore the images on the video and just close your eyes*

Thank You Lord for the gift of music; for it helps and guides my spirit to move closer to Your world, peaceful and heavenly. Father, thank you for this moment. Oh Lord how I love to spend time with you, for it is only through it that I can easily see and value life being at the present, no past that haunts, no future to worry, just You and me. I love how in Your presence, I can feel Your love for me overflows.

Jesus, I will never get tired of being still to stare at Your beauty. I will never get tired of thanking You for the love You have for me. Lord, I love You too.

Father, the touch of Your love made wonders in my life. The touch of Your love comforts and strengthens my weak soul. Thank You for always being there for me Lord, for Your great patience, faithfulness and understanding. Oh how I love to be forever young when I am with You My First Love. I love how I can hug You and still can freely say funny things just to say that I love You.

I love You Lord and thank You. Did I already said that I love You? Because I love You, love You, love You, love You. I miss You everyday. I miss being with You. I love You and just I love You. I can't think of anything to say but I love You.

I just couldn't believe Lord how I can be comfortable to be in Your presence and just say nothing. I love how our relationship is getting better and better everyday. Thank You because You never give up on me, we have come this far because of Your great love for me. I am here to where we are now because Your love for me is so big and strong it never fails to pull me closer to You. I love You, My First Love. Thank You.

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Michael Lantz said...

That is a very beautiful song.It kind of reminds me of "Nights in White Satin"by the Moody Blues.