Thursday, February 24, 2011

Into the Silence of My Being

 As I delve into the silence of my being,
allow me to see Your love;
the kind of love that never fails to supply me joy,
a love that could replace all my despair with happiness

Your love that could help me see the beauty of things
so I can handle each disappointment and pain with grace
Your love that gives me strength and peace
despite of all my worries and fears

Your love that comforts my weary heart;
I know this broken road will lead me to a better scenery
Your love that makes me shine, sparkle, bloom, glow...
You're holding my hand as I walk this journey

As I delve into the silence of my being,
Lord, envelope me with Your love


I_and_C said...

Nice blog!

LoCTY said...

Beautiful personal expression of Christ's love for you.

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ajnrileysmommy said...


Lori Laws said...

What a beautiful poem, Paige! Rally great picture too! Have a great night and God bless :)

Jose said...

very happy!!!

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