Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Surprising Things That Happened To Me After Going To Adoration More Often

I just recently became a full time employee last July 6 and this means that I have to go to work an hour earlier than before, 8:15 am to be exact. This also means that because I have always been paranoid about being late for work, I always make it sure that I am already in Manhattan 30 to 45 minutes ahead of my scheduled time.

Last year, I used to visit Trader Joes and then Rite Aid to spend 30 minutes of my spare time before I bother our receptionist for 15 minutes and then I clock in for work.

Since the change, I am now attending the 7:30 am mass at the Church of St. Paul the Apostle followed by a short adoration before I speed walk 10 blocks going to work.

I am such a good Christian. High five for me! Kidding.

The reason why I am writing this blog entry right now is because of this article that I saw on my facebook wall... 10 Surprising Things That Happen When You Go To Adoration More Often

There are still days that I honestly dislike the idea of walking 10 blocks just to go to mass. Days like this morning when I prayed to God to push me to go to church from the subway station because I want to but I really don't want to be there.

1. You develop a sense of awe and wonder
2. You experience peace in other areas of your life
7* You realize how fortunate you are

 Every time I leave the church and walk the 10 blocks, I noticed that I am praying more with thank yous and adoration. I always thank the Lord for everything in my life but since going to the mass in the morning, I realized that I honestly mean it more now. I am thanking God because I am feeling an overflowing feeling of peace, happiness, contentment and gratefulness for everything that is going on in my life. It's not a thank you because I know I should thank Him. I am really in awe, amazed and thankful for all the things He did for me.

3. You begin to look outwardly

Praying for others became easier. I didn't feel the need to pray more for myself and think that I am just wasting my time praying for other people. Harsh but true. If you are still building a relationship with God and your faith is weak, all you wanted to do is make sure that you are praying clearly for your petitions. It might not be true for others but for me it is. I know my relationship with Him is getting weaker when I just couldn't stop reminding Him about what I desire for myself. More time praising and adoring God means you can look beyond your own concerns and see the needs of others in your life and in the world that we live in. 

5. You become excited to go to adoration

I am honestly excited to meet Him tomorrow! I still have those thoughts from the enemy telling me that I shouldn't go but I know that I can always pray for my angels to guide me and push me to the church door.

6. Grace enters your life
10* You fall in love

The more I spend time with Him, the more I get to know Him. Spending time with Him allows me to open up myself to experience His love. I am allowing Jesus to love me fully, as a sinner and as somebody who wants to have a relationship with Him. His unconditional love for me makes me fall in love with Him too.

4* You get bored sometimes

The priest mentioned in his homily this morning that we can never be always a Christian in our lifetime. Christian by definition means that we are followers of Christ's teachings. It is hard to be constantly asking "What would Jesus do?". But it's ok because God isn't finished with me yet..we make mistakes and we continue to persevere in this journey to be like Him.

Our faith is more than feelings and God will still be working in you. This is the beauty of the Incarnation – God made man, coming into all our stresses, fears, problems – and yes, boredom. Know that even if an hour spent in Adoration is a continual returning to Him every few minutes when your mind wanders, you are still giving God the best gift you can – your time and company. 
- Ruth Baker

I pray that may God continue to send His angels to help me and guide me, and for Him to always hold my hand so He can easily pull me closer to Him. Amen. 

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