Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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Say No to Racism!

Yesteray when I was at the train I heard a very distrubing comment from an old day referring to two black teenagers. The scenario was, these two teenagers, a boy and a girl, was sitting across us came in with a packed meal from a chinese restaurant. So as they were talking and sharing the food the napkin fell on the floor.

Then here comes this old lady talking out loud who was sitting about 3 seats from us and said, "Look at them, they are throwing trash on the floor. That's why people never like them because they act as if they are not human."

And she believes that saying those things makes her more human? First thing was the napkin just fell and they didn't throw it. Second, she's just a racist that's why it is easy for her to say those words.

Racists tend to notice the mistakes of other people more often no matter how many times they do good. Because of the hate that they feel, they can only see the negative things about other race.

I just don't get the perception of racists towards other race. Because I believe that there is an equal amount of someone in each race. There are good and bad White Americans. There are good and bad Black Americans. There are good and bad Filipinos, Chinese, Japanese, Mexicans and the list goes on.

Same as the saying that "No Man is an Island", I believe that we couldn't have a better world without each and every piece of something from other race.

Just say no to racism please!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you. the world is getting out of control with racism. SAY NO TO RACISM