Friday, August 22, 2008

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Comfort in a Bag

Whenever I travel, my biggest problem is the discomfort of sitting without having enough blanket to give me warmth. I know I can always ask for another one but it's either because the first blanket stinks or I would be hesitant to bother the not so friendly stewardess in our area. But even though I could have two, I still know that it could not cover my entire body the way I wanted it to be to give me comfort.

Now that problem is already solved! Somebody must have read my thoughts and made the Cabin Cuddler.


Cabin Cuddler is a tote bag that turns into your own personal hygienic pillow case. It comes with its own inflatable pillow and a travel blanket that covers every inch of your body! Now that's the way I like it!

You don't have to bring extra luggage just to carry your pillows or blanket. It is very handy because it is just light and just measures 12"x10"x2". It is definitely a comfort in a bag!

The Cabin Cuddler is also perfect for camps, out of town travel, outdoor activities, in your office or even at home.

I love it! It is a must have for every family! It is really genius.

Sponsored by Cabin Cuddler

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