Saturday, August 16, 2008

# god # pictures

God's love, Day and Night

I took the pictures above last year while I was still in the Philippines. I was moved by the beauty of the province. I kept on praising God for how wonderful and perfectly He created the Earth.

While the pictures below were taken 2 weeks ago at around 8pm. This is the view that you can see from a park in Manhattan. I love the sunset!


Lonely Paul said...


Mekhismom said...

Sure, I would love you writing about my business.

Zen Ventures said...

Hey kumusta? I knew you would be a kabayan. How long have you been in the states? I'm assuming you are with your family. Where is that top picture taken? Anyway, nice to have found you. Come visit me sometime. Would love that!


penlighted said...

thank your for dropping by maricris! I'm in NY. How bout you?

FJL said...

hey your sunset pic was it..

betchai said...

i love so much the first two pictures, especially the clouds rolling in the mounains. there is just so much peacefulness and beauty in there.

I am a Filipina too, I first migrated to the East ( Connecticut) and a lot of my weekends then were in NYC. Now, I am here in San Diego. Nice to see you here in the internet, I hope you are enjoying your stay in US.