Sunday, August 31, 2008

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The Stars Talked

I don't actually believe in horoscopes but sometimes I read it just for fun and curiousity...but..somehow horoscopes give us warnings, encouragement and enlightenment.
Here is my Horoscope for today

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)

The Bottom Line
You've gotten a lot achieved recently, but don't get too hung on being productive.

In Detail
You've gotten a lot achieved, recently, and you can choose to continue on this super-productive path -- after all, you've got momentum on your side and you're on a roll! But in the course of a casual conversation today you'll hear something in a friend's voice that lets you know they need some of your time. They miss you -- and you miss them. It's a good idea to step out of the rat race and get back in solid with your personal relationships. Good friends are nothing to take for granted.

I know I've been very busy keeping my self busy (I'm not kidding!) lately that I had forgotten and took for granted a lot of things. I got lost track of the date, so as a result I had failed to greet Marion Lu Grazelyn Fabila a happy birthday last August 28. I didn't entertain the people who had PMed me lately even though I know I would like to chat with them. I failed to send my friends e-mails to give them updates or just tell them that they mean a lot to me. I failed to text or call my brother even though I know he misses me and I miss him.

I know..I know!!! I am very sorry guys..It's just that 24 hours is not enough for me to finish everything. I miss you all and I love you so much!! Just always remember that I treasure all of you, a lot!

You are always in my prayers...Please pray for me too...

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Todavía no hablo inglés, y tu no hablas español. Ya veremos como se resuelve