Wednesday, September 3, 2008

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A Chat Session with God : Introduction

Everytime I am asked to give a description about my blog, I always say that my blog is personal and that my opinions are based on my faith and beliefs as a Christian. The odd thing is that some people expects my blog to be more about preaching and has saintly thoughts. I had received comments from other communities reacting about my flirt it right entry, my thoughts about my horoscope, my entry about the rosary and the I am a "Christian" description.

First of all; even though I am a Catholic, I am still willing to participate and listen to other religion's teachings. I believe in God and I worship and praise Him with all my heart. I believe that religions are just like schools, colleges or universities. It is created to help us mold our personality and guide us through our journey as a Christian. So don't tell me that your beliefs are the right ones because the peachings in our churches are just the same. It is done by ordinary people (Priests, Pastors, etc) that are blessed, guided and used by the Holy Spirit to spread the right interpretation of the verses in the Bible. Without the intervention of the Holy Spirit, their lectures would become null. That's why we need to keep our faith strong and pray for the people who preaches the word of God so that they will not give us their own interpretation and own lectures.

In my conclusion for that issue; I believe that if the people who are preaching to us are truly an instrument of God, it doesn't matter anymore on which religion we belong because their teachings will still be the same. The only thing that should differ us from other religions are their practices. Just like how Filipinos were taught to use opo, po, kuya and ate to show respect while Americans call their elders by first name and yet they can still show their respect.

Second; Yes I am a Christian and I know how deep is my faith, but I believe that I don't need to explain everything to people about when and how my faith was strengthened. I know my blog is really mixed because I consider it as my world. My world consists a lot of things but since you wanted it I've decided to share and post my personal experiences and my sessions with God from time to time. I hope it will inspire you to be closer to Him too. Father Swamy (check his website) said that I should live normally but I guess living normally means it's ok for me to share and inspire others as well. I am glad some people provoked me to do this. ^_^

Lastly; I might not update this entry always because there are things that are too private but I promise to share my experiences as long as I can. I will also allow you to share your own thoughts about it.

"If you want to talk to somebody when you are sad, mad, happy or even bored; call God! God's line will never be busy. It's the cheapest call in town because it doesn't cost a penny. It is the most convenient because you can do it any time and any where."

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