Wednesday, August 6, 2008

# America # washington DC

United We Stand

Last month we went to Washington DC and I totally forgot to share the pictures in this blog. Just the same as anybody else, the main place that I was eager to visit is the White House but I was disappointed when I finally saw. It is just a plain white building. Is it just me or is it because I am not American by heart that's why I didn't get to appreciate it? Anyway I thank God for giving me the chance to be in a place that a lot of Filipinos wanted to visit.

Washington DC!

The Smithsonian Castle

The Washington Monument

The White House

Those are just some of the pictures and I am sure you don't want me to upload all of it here. lol


lloyd belleza said...

ill love to link u. pls tell me if u linked my site already. thank u. :D

Anonymous said...


I'd love to visit these places...

tour me ayt?