Monday, October 6, 2008

A Time of Thanksgiving and Praises to the Lord

"Give thanks to the Lord,

proclaim His greatness; tell the nations what He has done.

Sing praise to the Lord;

tell the wonderful things He has done.

Be glad that we belong to Him;

let all who worship Him rejoice.

Go to the Lord for help;

and worship Him continually."

-Psamls 105:1-4
Praise God and thank Him before you start your day and also before going to sleep. Praise God and thank Him first when you pray or devote a moment just for giving praises and thanksgiving solely. Stop praying for your petitions even just for a day. Open your heart and start thanking Him even just for simple things that you haven't had the chance to say in your prayers before.

Praise and thank the Lord for the things He had given you. Thank Him for your life, for your family, friends, neighbors, teachers, doctors, nurses, soldiers, factory workers, engineers, for everybody who had served and helped you, thank God for these people. Praise Him for the air, water, food, animals, minerals, for everything that He had created in Earth.

Also instead for praying for healing and solution to your problems, have a time to thank Him for those things. Praise God for you are still alive and that you still have the strength to face the challenges He had for you. Worship Him for everything that you have especially for the things that makes you weak like sickness, problems, worries, failures, anger..etc.

Think positive and imagine how Jesus had suffered for us. What we are experiencing right now is nothing compared to the sufferings of His Son. Be glad that we are saved and thank God for His great love.

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