Thursday, October 23, 2008

Will you let go?

There was this man who was climbing a mountain. Nightfall began to creep and a sudden storm moved in. He decided to keep walking. He is now in the midst of darkness, the storm is moving in, and he loses his grip. He began to fall but luckily he was able to hold on to something. It was enough to carry his weight but the gravity kept pulling him and he knows soon his hands will get tired. Hanging there, he cried out..

Is anyone out there? Can anyone help me?
He hears a voice: Yes.
The young man yells: Oh thank God! Please help me..
Let go. It it me, God.
I said let go.
Let go. It is me, God!
Please somebody help!

When I heard this story I immediately concluded that the man got a little faith. He must have let go because God told him to do so. Then I shared this story to my mom. Her reflection about the story made me ponder about it too.

She said that what if it wasn't God, even Jesus was being tricked by the devil.

"The devil said, "If you are God's Son, jump off.
The Scriptures say:
`God will give his angels orders about you.
They will catch you in their arms,
and you won't hurt your feet on the stones.' "
Matthew 4:6

She said that God doesn't work that way. God doesn't want us to let go when we have problems. He wants us to have faith and keep holding on and later God will send instruments to help us with our problems. He won't tell us to let go but surely when we get tired of holding on to our ropes he will definitely be there to catch us.

Wait..Isn't it contradicting when we said that we should listen to the voice of truth? When He tells us to step out of our comfort zone, we should listen and believe!

I believe that the voice of truth tells us to follow Him and His plans even if it wasn't the one we are expecting or had planned for our selves. I also believe that the voice of truth tells us things that we should do so we can get out of the pit and not to let our selves step in to it.

Life is like climbing a mountain, a steep mountain. We do our best to keep on walking so we can reach the top. We sometimes fall and lose our grip. We get tired. We rest to be strengthened so we can walk again. We have faith that's why we believe we can get to the top. We need to keep on working and keep on going so that God can help us.

What about you? What's your reflection about the story?


Anonymous said...

It is only when we reach the bottom in our lives and we do not see a way out do we turn to God and ask Him to help us. God is simply waiting for us to "let go" of the things which are keeping us from Him. He wants us to let go of the things which are keeping us in darkness. God loves us. He wants to help us, but He will not help us until we "let go" and let Him begin His work within us."

Great post Paige! I really liked it!


penlighted said...

Thank you Valerie! I think it really depends on how we perceive the "let go".

God bless you too!

Lori said...

Yes Paige, I agree with isn't till we step out of the boat and let go of whatever we may think it is keeping us intact. When we surrender and die to ourselves is when we find Jesus!

penlighted said...

^_^ I agree that if we learn to trust GOd that is the only time that He can work on us..

but I really love the debate about that the discussion I had with my mom was healthy...

we discussed the story literally and figuratively...

thank you for sharing Lori!