Thursday, December 11, 2008

I love to Pray

Not long ago,alright I can't remember how long ago it was, I had attended a seminar which I can't really remember what it was all about but I remember the speaker had asked us how many minutes or hours do we spend in praying. He told us to raise our hands if we belong to the group that he will mention. He mentioned 1 hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes and a minute. I noticed that there were only a few of us who raised in the "1 hour" group.

I raised my hand that time not because I pray for an hour. I raised because it felt like I was praying for an hour. ^_^ I don't really keep track the time but I might had prayed that long because of the format that was being taught to me to follow. The format is praise God, thank Him, say your sorry then your petitions. My prayer was more like a homework for me to do. It was something that I really don't feel like doing that is why it felt like it was very tiring to do. But my mom would constantly remind me to pray and she would really get mad if I won't and I really don't want to make my mom angry, so I follow her. ^_^

When Jesus changed my heart, praying became an easy thing to do. I still follow the format but not when I pray alone. What amaze me is that you know that you are kneeling or sitting there to pray, you have Him in your heart and mind but then you can't find any words to say.

When Jesus changed me, my heart is constantly in praying mode. I can pray while I am in the train, in the bus, while walking, cooking, taking a bath...anywhere, anytime! I love to pray. I love to pray. I love taking to God about nonsense things. I talk to Him about anything and everything. I don't think I have to be ashamed and to limit my stories to my Father.

Looking back to those days when I just knew who Him and not accept Him fully, I really thought that people who prays anywhere are weird. I thought it was a very holy thing to do. I thought it is not possible for an ordinary person to do. ^_^

I bet that there are a lot of people in the streets, in the train, in the bus or in the mall who would also think that I am weird when I tell them that I am praying while I am standing, walking or sitting there with them. Pray, God, Jesus and Church are some of the words that can paint a really funny face to some people.

The reason that I am sharing this is not to boast about how long do I pray. *_* I would just like to share my reflection towards the reaction of my friend when I said "I pray" when she asked me what do I do at home. It was an awkward moment but I understand her. I know I will react the same way she reacted when someone will tell me the same thing 8 years ago.


Anonymous said...

I feel exactly the same way about praying. Some time ago I wondered if I should make a point out of praying, laying down on the floor and addressing the Lord by the Lord's prayer formally once or twice a day. But it felt awkward. I can do that if there are special things on my mind or if I feel for expressing my special gratitude. But usually I pray by giving myself up to The Lord in things I do or think about, which happens frequently during the day - as I understand you do too.

WHITEShadow said...

It is only through prayer where you can get yourself in tune to the spirit. I believe a prayerful heart is more patient, happy and are more optimistic. Just like you do, I love to pray anytime, not a formal prayer like you would kneel and close your eyes, but anywhere I feel I need to talk to Him. I believe that there are prayers where your hearts and soul are in bended knees though you are physically not. The blessings of doing so, is, your eyes are more spiritually open, your heart is full wisdom and you can receive a personal revelations that will serve as a guidance in your decision making.

bluedreamer27 said...

but for me prayer doesnt follow a format of whatever how long you have to spent just for praying
what important is you talk to the Lord deeply and sincerely and not for the sake that you were praying
its nice to be here at your site
i love it
and im amaze that your just 19 hehe
im 19 years old too
i put your link in my blog (top five) so that i can visit you here again have a great day and God bless you always

Lori said...

How true this is. Before I was saved, I didn't understand that praying was simply talking to and sharing everything with God, so as a result...people who claimed to pray or love God were labeled "Holy Rollers," or "Jesus Freaks." Now, I am in the same club! LOL

Leon Basin said...

Me too!

Mel Alarilla said...

The Bible says, "pray without ceasing." How can we do that? By offering our thoughts, words and deeds to God as an offering and prayer. 1Corinthian 10:31 says, "So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." We can be prayerful always by talking to our Lord in everything that we do and by offering prayers for others through intercessory prayers. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Cindy said...

It is so encouraging to read someone your age is developing a relationship with Jesus. Keep making Him the focus of your thoughts and your life will be heaven on earth.

Peter Stone said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful testimony about prayer, you have encouraged my prayer life as well. God bless from Australia.

penlighted said...

Thank you very much for your replies...

God bless us all!

Praying is indeed a wonderful thing to do.

Thank you for the verse Mel.

Thank you you for the comments brothers and sisters!