Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Blessings I Had for My Birthday

December 29, 20th Birthday..

I made an entry before that was supposedly a way for me to thank the people who made my birthday special but I chose not to publish it because I got too emotional. You all know how much I miss my friends and also how desperately I want to go back to school. I had a mixed emotion during that time and I was really crying while I made it. ^_^

Anyway, the best gift that someone can give me is not the most expensive things that they can buy but it is the sincerity and effort that I can feel from their gift.

On the day of my birthday my dad, my mom and my younger brother Phillip woke me up with a singing stuff toy, a bouquet of white and red roses and a cake.

Then my boyfriend, Gil, uploaded some pictures in my friendster account...they were holding a sign that says "Happy Birthday Baby ko" (happy birthday my baby)

and here's a slideshow that my friends and classmates in the Philippines made for me...Biang (Phoebe or Ngay) had the idea and Cherry made it...thank you so much! I miss you and I love you all!

bday pj '08 from ewan dikoalam on Vimeo.

Thank you for making my birthday special!


bingkee said...

You are so blessed to have such loving and thoughtful family and friends and a sweet boyfriend. Belated Happy Birthday!

I Whisper to God said...

What a wonderful and loving family and friends you have. It must have been a very special day for you. I too prefer gifts of thought over materialist things.
Happy Birthday,

Sherri Watt said...

How sweet for them to do such nice things. I love the gifts that take some thought and cared. They mean so much more. I can tell you are very loved by friends and family.

God Bless!

Joyfulsister said...

Happy Belated Birthday,
((((Birthday Hugz))))
That was such a wonderful way of showing the Love they have for you, and for celebrating your special day. Family and friends are so precious and treasures to behold. Thank you for sharing your special day with us.

Hugz Lorie

cyrell said...

ungas...d jud ko palabot ato bah..huhuhuhu...wala jud ko ato sa video, naligo man gud ko..anyways, naa man mi video na gibuhat pod taken from my phone kaso na reformat akong memory card..
anyways, belated hapi bday...tiguwang nata..hehehe...
hapi-hapi bday ulit...late na kaau nuh?last year pa gud to imohng bday..

u look gud and ni gwapa kag samot...
nkahilak ko upon wtching d remember nako tong mga tym na wer togrther doing the cp anbd all...especially tong naa ta sa lib.tas imoha kong gipahilak...huhuhu...u owe me...jok lng...

God bless u and ur family...i hup[ magkita pa ta as soon as apossible..hehehehe..
i hope and pray nga naa ka sa among graduation...

lavyah ungas...mwah....

Anonymous said...

It takes some efforts to make such things: You have some people who love you very much. How nice. Happy birthday again!

Lori said...

What a beautiful bunch of people. Beautiful, because they love you so much! It looked like you had a good and memorable time on your birthday. Happy belated 2oth birthday! And even though you are half my age, I still love ya! LOL

God bless you, Paige!

Bammy said...

hahhaha!!! bakit wala ako sa video na yun?? toinks!! LOL.

You are indeed special paige, Im thankful to God for giving me a friend like you, and for making our paths cross.

I wish you again all the best in life, in your career, your family.

You are blessed enough! stay that way.. :)
stay strong and know that many people admire that beauty that comes from within.
You are so loved! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful birthday my friend! I am glad you did! Love you and happy late birthday sweetie!

penlighted said...

Thank you very much for your replies! My birthday was just like an ordinary day actually, I didn't have a celebration, but my family and friends made it special.