Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Daily Devotional '09

This year, one of my goal is to read the scripture and meditate about it daily. That's why I decided to make an online journal, the Daily Devotional '09, to motivate myself not only to read but to take time to reflect and put my thoughts into words. I plan to post my own reflections to the verses provided by Our Daily Bread everyday. It would not be easy for me as I am really not a daily reader of the Bible. But then I know I just have to make a change and make 2009 a special year for me and my relationship with God. I just have to level up things and step closer to God.

Just like how people who aim to lose weight maintain a journal, I would also like to keep one to help me stay motivated no matter what happens.

I haven't updated the blog that much yet and I lack some days which I would just post very soon but I would be glad and honored if you would come and visit it.

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