Thursday, January 15, 2009

Prayers, Hopes and Changes

Yesterday, the regular tempting catalog from Macy's had arrived and there they had featured their for-the-home products such as the bedroom furniture collection, the living room furniture collection and many more. My mom told me to throw the catalog because we are not planning to buy anything especially nowadays but I joked and said that I would just like to look at it so I can start planning for my own home and that I can save earlier.

As I was looking at it and expressing my admiration to the things that I have seen, my mom joined me in my "planning". Then she said, "Lord, these things are really nice. Are you going to give us a chance to be able to buy these? Please Lord give us a chance...". Then she continued with a "Oh shut up Jocelyn! There are even people who doesn't have electricity in their homes." pretending to be God answering her cries. Then mommy answered herself, "Yes Lord. I understand.".

She then said to me, "Isn't it shameful to ask for something big when you know there are other people who are less fortunate than us?". We laughed and then she proceed to make her lesson plan and then I finally threw the catalog.

My mom would always remind us not to compare our selves to people who we think are greater than us but rather we should try to look at the situation of the less fortunate so that we can see how lucky we are for having things that they don't have. Not only that, my mom would always remind us to remember the sufferings of Jesus when we start to complain about certain things. When we start to complain about long walks she would tell us to remember how far did Jesus walked while He was carrying the heavy cross.

When I was suffering pains and had to undergo 2 operations, I just tried to imagine the pains that Jesus had to suffer for me and then I was able to endure it-yes, I cried but I didn't said I would give up.

Now, with the crisis that we are experiencing, with the challenge that my family have to face and with the situation that I am in, I know that we can only make it through Jesus. We should be thankful that we are still breathing and that we should never lose hope (talking to myself). I really pray that 2009 will be a good year for my family.

Moreover, we should also pray for President Obama that he may be able to find a solution for the crisis that America is facing. I really pray that he would be able to keep his promises because a lot of us are definitely depending on this country. I can't wait for the Inauguration Day. I can't wait for the change.

God bless President Obama. God bless America. God bless the Philippines. God bless all the leaders of every country. May God bless us all.


Anonymous said...

Paige your mom sounds like a very strong women and she has taught you well my friend. God bless you and your mother. She sounds like an amazing woman! Blessings to you sweetie!

Eaglewings said...

You wrote:

"Moreover, we should also pray for President Obama that he may be able to find a solution for the crisis that America is facing. I really pray that he would be able to keep his promises because a lot of us are definitely depending on this country. I can't wait for the Inauguration Day. I can't wait for the change."

I agree that we should pray for Obama and all our leaders. We need to pray for God's will to be done in this country. We need to remember that we are not to look to government as our source and means. We are not to look to man for salvation for our help comes from the Lord. I would be interested in what change you are hoping for exactly. The changes proposed so far by President Elect Obama are not Christian friendly.

I believe your desire is to be found in God's favor so I am curious as to what exactly you are hoping Obama will do for you or this country. And what was so bad with the past Presidency that you can't wait for "change".

Azat Kooman said...

May God bless you and your family this year abundantly!

penlighted said...

I honestly don't know anything about his plans and I honestly don't care that much about who should be in the position nor even had the chance to vote. What I know is that everybody is facing crisis. America is facing crisis and I am really hoping that they can make a change on whatever it is that they need to change to improve the economy.

I believe that help comes from God and I really pray that He can make Obama as an instrument and bless him to be a good leader for this country.

What did he proposed btw?

Eaglewings said...

I am saddened by your comment that you really do not care who holds the highest office in the United States of America. Those we elect as our national leaders set the course and policies of our country. If we really do not pray over our choices and just take whatever a certain political system gives us then we get what we deserve, and that usually is someone serving themselves and not us.

That being said, Obama made lots of campaign promises and has not actually put forth any REAL SUBSTANTIVE policies, but what we do know about him, which is minimal because he really has not done much in his political life, indicates a person who supports killing of babies (3rd trimester murder of babies), gay marriage, is in support of the homosexual lifestyle and agenda. These two positions makes it impossible for me to support him as a leader who would get God's blessing. As long as we as a nation continue to approve the wholesale slaughter of the innocent unborn we are faced with God's condemnation not blessing.

I pray that as a nation we repent of these two abominations before God and as a country turn back to Godly principles in regards to protecting the unborn and honoring marriage as instituted by God.

There is more but that should be enough. :) God bless you!

penlighted said...

I'm sorry to disappoint you but it's not that I do not care about my choices because the truth is that I cannot make a choice. All I can do is pray for the choice of the American citizens. All I can do is accept who ever they had chosen. Not liking Obama is not even a good thing to do right now-not for me because I am not a citizen and not for the citizens because Obama is already elected.

All we have to do is hope for the best and lift him up with our prayers.

Eaglewings said...

I am sorry I did not know you were not a citizen please forgive me.

I shall pray for an American revival of Godliness and I shall pray for our leaders, but I do not hope his policies are enacted. I shall stand against any opposition to the gospel from any political, religious, civic, educational, or other leader. We, as Christians are to contend for the faith, draw nigh to God, and resist evil.

The killing of innocent lives is evil and I shall continually strive against it.

But I think I get your point, that the only thing you can effectively do, not being a citizen is to pray for our country and our leaders. Do pray for the people as well that we acknowledge God in our everyday lives and decisions.

Thank you.

penlighted said...

It's ok..^_^
I live in New York and America is providing for us and allowing us to help some people in the Philippines.

I am honestly not aware of Obama's plans but I've heard about him being pro-abortion. I don't agree about abortion or anything that is against God's words.

I believe that the best thing that we can do to help everybody is pray.

Thank you for sharing eaglewings.