Friday, March 27, 2009

Just Like a Leaf

I am really fascinated about the different colors of the leaves that I can see during the fall season. The colors are really lovely and I just can't stop appreciating it especially it was only when I came to America that I have seen something like that. My country, Philippines, doesn't actually have seasons because the sun and the rain comes anytime of the year.

I searched about how the color of the leaves changes and I found out that it has something to do with the lack of sunlight that it can get during these times. If you want to read the explanation, click here.

I know this topic is late for its season but I just can't help to reflect and relate what I saw to myself when I was in the park. Well, I was actually looking at trees without its leaves at the park but I have a different story about that. ^_^

Now back to the topic, are you familiar with mood rings? I also searched about it and the meanings of each colors.

It was really cool because I found out that, the color green in the mood rings means normal or average-just like the common color of the leaves during the season where it can get the most sunlight for its food processing. People feels normal, relax or even average especially at times when they are not facing any problems and when the things that they need are abundant.

Now as the days goes by the chlorophyll, which gives the leaves the color of green, disappears; so now we begin to see leaves of orange, yellow or even pink. Orange means daring and stimulating according to the color of the moods. At times when I have a problem, I don't easily feel weak especially when the problem just arise. I definitely feel daring or stimulated to fight and face it. But just like the leaves, we sometimes see yellows which means being unsettled or having mixed emotions or even pink which means fear and being uncertain. Then we see brown leaves which means that the leaves are now completely losing its chlorophyll. Brown means being restless.

Just like the leaves of the trees people face problems in a different manner. Some may even take it positively like being strong in the beginning but no matter how tough we are, we should always remember that in the end letting go is the best solution.

It may seem not the best thing to do. It may seem hard to do...but isn't it that no new leaf can grow if the old, unhealthy one will not fall?


Carol said...

Growth never happens until you have something to challenge you. Just like the leaf falling I find it a renewing process as in make a decision to do what you must to become a better person.

BIO said...

Our lives need to be like the color-changing leaves otherwise we cease to be human. God meant our lives to be journeys wherein discoveries are made and lessons are learned in various milestones with intervals. The intervals are where we experience the questioning, the uncertainty.