Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Brooklyn Bridge

Last Wednesday, our class watched a 3-hour film about the history of Brooklyn Bridge. It's a good documentation, packed with information about New York. However, sometimes my mind would wander while I pretend to listen. I found it boring in the beginning but there was something in the film that had caught my attention and made me attentive.

One of the historians said, "Thinking that the Brooklyn Bridge has always been there and not being able to appreciate and realize that there is a great man behind it, is stupid. It is just plainly stupid..."

I smiled when I heard him say that. True, we sometimes neglect to appreciate the history behind the things that we have. It is true that when we went to see the bridge, I only noticed how beautiful it was and not how amazing its history is. But I didn't smile because I thought I was stupid for not being able to realize that there is a man behind it.

I smiled and thought, "What about the world?".

I think it is more stupid to think that everything in this world, the perfectly done place that we are living and even how perfectly our organs in the body were arranged, has always been there. I think it is more stupid that we are easily amazed by how clever people are but we neglect to see the loving hands of Our Father who created and made all of these things.

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