Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Day with my First Love

Here I am, alone, with You my Lord in a place where colorful trees grow, where the most fragrant flowers glow, where the silence makes me sway and where Your Love for me embraces my love for You.

You are holding my hand while we walk in the air. Your face, Your smile, speaks to me with love. I stand in awe of You. I've never felt so beautiful. Your presence lifts me up and the bliss I feel makes me shine. I am precious.

You are amazing God! Words are not enough for me to describe how wonderful You are. Your love for me inspires me to love You more and more everyday. Your love for me cleanses my heart. I love You Father. I miss You everyday.

I'll always be your little child. Papa, Daddy, Abba, Father...You will always be my First Love. You will always be my number one. You will always be my everything. I love You so much My Lord. Jesus, thank You for making me see how wonderful it is to be a part of Your family.

Thank You for this day.


Emily Yee said...

Of course human are not born to be alone. We need love, we need support. To live and learn, to face and to challenge, everyone needs a good support and love. From whom where we will run to and cry to when we failed, when we've lost the battle. Life will goes on after everything is gone just because of that first love we received. The first love that taught us to believe and to move on.

Denise said...

love this post so much!