Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Love Your Love

I Love Your Love

Sometimes when I feel Your love
as I walk along the busy streets
I'll whisper Your name under my breath
And sometimes I feel Your touch
in the quiet place of my room
I sing Your name in adoration

There are times when I feel like I'm bursting
with your love so strong and so true
and in my heart I feel such a yearning
I want all the world to know to know You love them too

I love Your love gonna shout it out aloud
I love Your love wanna tell the world about it
I love Your love 'cause I found it to be true
and I live to love You too

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day-a day for hearts, a day for love. Even though I believe that every day is a day for hearts, I still think that it's great to have a day that highlights what you feel for a certain person. That's what I want to do, I want to magnify Him. Give glory to His name and praise Him for His unconditional love for me.

People may disappoint us and hurt us but He will never do it us. His love is certain and will never change. He loves us no matter who we are, what we've been through, what we have done, what we are carrying at the moment and even if we neglect to do our part in our relationship with Him.

He's amazing; his love is overwhelming.

My romantic relationships with people made me reflect about His love for me. It made me realize how great God's love is. There were times when I got disappointed with men because I gave standards on what and how they should be towards our relationship. I cried only to realize after exhausting my self that I cried for nothing, it was just because I can't accept who they are, I created hurtful scenes because I was insecure and my pride constantly tells me that I have to be pleased all the time because that's what I want and that's how I think things should be. Don't get me wrong, I believe I was a good girl friend LOL, I always give my best but definitely I have limitations. Men had their limitations. We have limitations not just in our romantic relationships but to every kind of relationships we have with people. We love with conditions. We have this some sort of a gauge on how far we should go in giving when we love.

God's love is indescribable, immeasurable and infinite. It continues to pour over us without ifs and buts.

God will still love us even when we forget to give Him a call; BFs/GFs nags when you forget.

God will open His arms wide to welcome us whenever we return; BFs/GFs will ask you tons of annoying questions formulated because they don't have trust and they doubt the reason why you returned.

God loves us even if we did a lot of mistakes in the past; BFs/GFs will constantly remind you of those mistakes.

God loves us and gives us freedom to do whatever things we would like to do but reminds us that when we do wrong He also gets hurt; BFs/GFs will give you a list of Dos and Don'ts, follow the Dos and you'll have a smooth relationship but do just one Don't and they'll make you feel unloved.

God loves us because He loves us; BFs/GFs has a list of reasons why they do and a change of one of those will be a minus point for you.

LOL I sound bitter but truly I'm not. I just want to make this a fun post for my self and celebrate God's love for me. I'm just amazed how He can accept us despite of our flaws. His love is very humbling. Imagine, He loves us no matter how many times we made Him cry. It's a slap on our face to hate people because they can't be who we want them to be but then we ourselves are not "perfect" to deserve a great love like His.

So the next time you want to fight with your loved ones, friends, family, BFs/GFs or even strangers; think of God's love for you. I am 100% sure that whatever they did to you is just a speck of a dust compared to what you have done to Him when you sum up your sins. Pray for it, forgive and forget, and persevere to follow the way of Christ. It's hard, definitely hard, to do but keep the faith and pray.

Spread the love.
I love you!

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